Luxury doesn’t need to be excessive. Here are ten tips from interior designers Santa Monica that give your home a subtle, luxurious feel.

1.    Use the Right Tones

Add comfort and a welcoming atmosphere by using the right colors on the walls. Deep warm colors are perceived as intimate and cozy while cool colors are associated with calmness and tranquility.

2.    Add Comfortable Seating

Plush seating that is cushioned an upholstered in high-quality fabrics gives a rich, luxurious feel. Textured fabric can add another layer of depth.

3.    Frame Windows and Doors

By adding baseboards, crown molding or door and window casing, you provide elements that add a visual framework to your interior. They give the space a finished look.

4.    Give the Floor Some Attention

Layering floor coverings, by adding padding under the carpeting or throw rugs on the hardwood. They can coordinate with virtually any style and offer a solid foundation for the rest of your décor.

5.    Get Your Shine On

Accessories with subtle metallic finishes add an opulent touch to your interior; from golden decadence to the more modest bronze tones Beverly Hills interior designers  can help you add a hint of glamour.

6.    Add Antique Allure

Antiques can add visual interest without clashing with the existing style. Vintage mirrors, candelabras or lamps can add depth and weight with no need for an extravagant budget.

7.    Boost the Ambience

Candlelight, soft music and soothing scents can create a romantic or cozy atmosphere better than harsh lighting and silence. 

8.    Add Elegant Touches

Small details can round out a room, giving it a classy finish, from brushed or stainless drawer pulls to window treatments and high-thread-count bed linens.

9.    Choose a Focal Point

Create a spot where the eye is drawn when entering the room. Consider bringing attention to an architectural feature or favorite accessory. Gallery wall ideas can inspire your design sense and ultimately create a space that is inviting, adding depth and visual interest.

10.    Remove the Clutter

Interior designers Palm Springs recommend keeping knick-knacks and collectibles to a minimum and put everything in its place. A clean, tidy space automatically feels more luxurious.