A part of why many diets fail along the way is because people tend to feel hungry constantly. When you’re hungry, you’ll also feel lethargic, cranky, and unable to be fully productive during the day. It’s important to consume foods that keep you feeling full to avoid overeating.

As a rule of thumb, foods that keep you feeling full for longer are those that are rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats, and low in energy density—meaning they’re low in calories, considering their weight. If you’re going on a diet or if you just want to start eating healthy, click here for a variety of meal plans that are rich in the nutrients required to make you feel fuller for longer.

Below, you’ll also find 10 foods to eat if you want to feel fuller for longer.

1. Apples

Apples are grouped as a fermentable fiber which makes you feel full for a long time. The human body doesn’t have the enzymes which are required to quickly break down fiber particles. The fiber in the apples absorbs water and forms a texture that is gel-like which settles in the stomach. The result of the settled gel texture is a slowed down passage of food in the intestines.

You can enjoy an apple as a snack, as a home-made sauce, or as blended juice. You can also get creative with the meal plans that you decide to enjoy by grating the apple and using it as a garnish. Keep in mind that the type of food that settles in your stomach affects your general wellbeing. Choose foods, such as apples, that settle in the stomach, but produce a positive effect.

2. Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread, when compared to white flour ones, provides a longer supply of sustained energy. White flour lacks the fiber and protein required to create that filling effect. Starting your day with breakfast is important to get enough energy to go through your daily routine. However, if your breakfast options mean you’ll have to quickly find food to fill you up again, your entire diet plan is futile. Whole wheat bread is a good option to ensure a healthy, filling breakfast.

3. Bananas

Bananas, as a part of your breakfast or a snack, can be quite filling. They provide functional soluble fiber and carbohydrates in the form of inulin. Only a single serving of a banana, containing 27 grams of carbohydrates, is needed to supercharge muscle repair. Carbohydrates also provide the energy that coffee typically gives you in the morning. You can swap coffee for a banana and get a much healthier energy boost, while also filling your stomach.

4. Quinoa

Quinoa is a food that is a complete protein. It contains all the 9 amino acids, as well as unsaturated fats and fiber. It contains all the properties required for you to feel full after a serving.

5. Eggs

Eggs are a perfect combination of fats and protein. Ghrelin is an appetite-stimulating hormone, while Peptide YY3-36 (PPY) is the hormone that keeps you feeling full. A study shows that women who ate eggs for breakfast had lower levels of ghrelin and higher levels of PPY which makes eggs a great choice if you don’t want to experience constant hunger pangs.

6. Chicken

Chicken is a great lean meat option for a filling meal. The protein in chicken is enough to make you feel satiated for a longer time.

7. Peas

Peas help remove cholesterol-containing bile which may be stored in your body. On top of keeping you full, peas are also a great detoxifier to ward off harmful toxins.

8. Sweet Potatoes

These are an alternative to white potatoes, which are also a filling meal option. Sweet potatoes, however, contain twice the amount of fiber, and half the amount of carbohydrates present in white potatoes. You can eat sweet potatoes with the skin on to obtain more of its health benefits. What’s convenient about sweet potatoes is that you can include these as a part of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

9. Beef

Grass-fed or free-range beef is quality meat that contains protein which can fill you up. There are creative ways to make beef so you never have to feel bored eating beef regularly. You’ll also find plenty of beef meal choices diet meal plan providers.

10. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in fiber, carbohydrates and protein. You can include raw pumpkin in your meals by adding it as a topping, or including it with salad greens. Some enjoy just munching on the seeds as a snack.


Being on a diet or simply practicing healthy eating that’s unrelated to a weight-loss program can be challenging. One of the challenges is that of you can feel hungry all the time. This, in turn, will send you down the path of constant eating, which is what you’re trying to avoid. Including foods in your diet that keep you full for longer is an effective solution for this issue. Foods rich in fiber, carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein can help you keep those cravings at bay and stick to the lifestyle you’ve chosen.

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