If you are an HR executive and are looking to hire candidates, you need an Applicant Tracking System. The applicant tracking system will smooth out your recruitment process and ensure that you hire the best candidates for the job before being hired by your competition. All you have to do is search for the best applicant tracking systems for small businesses and start your hiring process. This article will outline the 11 undeniable reasons why you need an applicant tracking system. 

1. Customization

Each company will have a different hiring process and this is where ATS comes in. You can add features according to what works for you. Pre-hire assessments or video screening can be your add-ons amongst many others 

2. Integration with Career Sites and Social Media 

You can configure the ATS to be integrated with job boards across the internet or even to pages on the social media platforms to get potential candidates. 

3. Increased Candidate’s Pool Size 

Since you are integrated with a number of job boards and platforms, your searches are diverse and your candidate pool wide. But if the ATS is well managed, you can very quickly bring this number down to your desired pool of candidates. 

4. Gathered Data 

All the data about the candidates and the possible employees can be gathered in one place without doing much. You can edit, share, or even delete the information with just one click. In case a person is employed, the data will be integrated with the employee system. 

5. Avoid Interview Blunders 

An ATS can also help with the interview blunders that you might make during the process. It can help you with the job posting wordings to make them more acceptable. 

6. Reduced Time of Search 

An ATS reduces the search time considerably for the recruiters and the HR executives. A simple query will get you a list of all the well-suited candidates for a job. 

7. Reduced Hiring Costs 

If you have a dedicated resource for the hiring process or you hire a company for the hiring process, an ATS can be a replacement for saving you hundreds of dollars. 

8. Improved Company’s Image 

Today people prefer to work with companies that use technology to streamline their processes. Getting in touch with the employee within a few days will give an impression of an efficient company. 

9. Screening Question find Better Employees 

You can add screening questions on ATS; the resumes will be shortlisted based on these queries. You will only be matched with profiles that have correct answers to your screening questions. 

10. Improved Collaboration 

Collaboration across the board is required if you want to hire good candidates. All the stakeholders in the company can come together and collaborate to speed up the process.  

11. Your Competition Uses ATS

Most companies today use ATS; if you are not using an ATS, your competition is getting in touch with all the potential talent while you miss out on this opportunity. 

An Applicant Tracking System is designed to aid the process of recruiting and make it streamlined with your company’s objectives. Customize the ATS to find the best candidates before your competitor hires them.