More Communications students are actively choosing to continue their studies online. There are more courses to choose from and they are backed by some of the best universities in the country. Taking an online communications course enables students to study and complete the program at their own pace. The extra flexibility of online courses, however, is not without its challenges.

Online communications courses require students to be more proactive and better with their time management. These are things you can achieve by studying in a group. Using GroupSpaces, creating a study group with fellow online communications students is now very easy and there are three benefits you get to enjoy right away once the group is formed.

Better Time Management

When there are other students encouraging you to stay ahead of the course, common problems such as procrastination are much easier to solve. You know others are studying too, so you have no reason to waste time and take the course lightly.

Each group member can send reminders to each other. You can also use GroupSpaces’ native features to broadcast updates and new course materials (or even details about assignments) for an even better time management.

Shared Resources

It is not difficult to gain access to course materials and other supporting books. Top universities such as the University of Southern California use online learning platforms through which communications students can get their hands on key course materials.

When taking the online MCM program, you can easily download complete syllabuses, communications journals, and other supporting materials for the course. Pursuing an online master of communication management degree is easier this way.

While these resources are readily available, you may still need additional books, other journals, and more reading materials to successfully complete the course. Notes from the lecturers are handy to have too. Studying in a group allows all members to share resources and study more effectively.


Pursuing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in communications is all about mastering new skills, and the best way to master a subject is by having discussions about it, or in other words, communicate! The discussions lead to you understanding different perspectives on the same matter. This too is something that a study group can achieve.

You can even invite the lecturers to the group. This enables every member of the study group to ask questions and get quick answers during different discussions. Since GroupSpaces uses emails as the main messaging method, every discussion is archived thoroughly too.

Getting Started

All of these advantages will make your journey towards an online communications degree more enjoyable. It is much easier to study when you have fellow students studying with you. Forming a study group is relatively easy when you take an offline course, but the challenges are greater for online students.

With the help of features available on GroupSpaces, you can face those challenges and still have an effective study group to count on. It won’t be long before other online communications students in the course start joining the online study group and contributing more to the online learning experience.