For anyone who gets married, divorce is the last thing on their minds and traditionally, the idea of divorce in itself is something that should be avoided at all costs. These days however, things are done differently to how they were in the past and divorce is something which is far more common. With this being said however, most married couples who are having difficulties will always look to repair their relationship before they opt to get divorced, especially if there are children involved. This strategy sometimes works, but not always and there are times when divorce is the right thing to do for all involved.

I myself went through a divorce just over 3 years ago and despite the tough time that I went through, I truly think it was the right thing to do. Our lawyers Groth & Associates ensured that the divorce went as smoothly as possible and both my partner and myself are both much happier now. Here then are some examples of when divorce, is the right thing to do.


My take on infidelity in relation to divorce is that if someone was unfaithful once, it is possible to work through it and come out the other side. If however, one person decides to embark on an affair with someone else, or fall in love, this to me suggests that the relationship is no longer repairable and you should part ways. Everyone can make a mistake and whilst it will not be easy, forgiving your partner for a moment of madness can actually make the relationship stronger. The difference with an affair however is that one party has actively sought to involve themselves with someone else, an unforgivable offence.


Many people stay together because of the children that they have together and whilst this is a noble ambition, you could actually cause the kids more damage than if you were to separate. Children, of all ages, pick up on things very easily and troubles at home, fighting between their parents and an uncomfortable vibe in their own home, can have a negative impact on the children. Divorce will of course hit your children hard, but if it at the point where your partner and you are just staying together for the kids, they will be hit even harder, over a long period of time.

Constant Fighting

Sometimes things just don’t work and regardless of how many interventions and serious conversations about repairing the relationship, there comes a time when enough is enough. This is exactly what happened between my ex-partner and myself, we tried and tried to improve things but in the end, the incessant fighting just became too much. As much as a marriage should be respected and worked at, you need to think about things on a human level and if you are both seriously unhappy to the point where you are fighting every day, it is time to make changes which will improve both of your lives.