When you married the woman of your dreams, you never thought the day would come when you have suspicions.

That said trying to answer the matter of how to tell if my wife is cheating can be a difficult proposition.

On the one hand, you want to give her the benefit of the doubt. But, there is something out of the ordinary going on with your marriage. As a result, it is leading to questions in your mind and even some pain.

For your physical and emotional well-being, do your best to get to the bottom of the matter starting today.

When Something is Not Right

In looking at red flags with your wife and marriage, key in on these areas:

  1. She’s spending less time with you – One of the red flags that comes front and center is when she spends less time with you. Now, work or school may be a part of that. That said you should know her schedule better than anyone else. As such, her spending less time around the home or wanting to do things with you is a big red flag. Along with the fallout for you, it could be impacting your teenager and other children in the home. Remember, kids can take such things much harder than adults. In a non-confrontational manner, sit down and discuss this with her. In doing so, your hope is that you can get to the bottom of things. Why is she not as home as much? Why does she seem less interested in spending her free time with you? Why is she always out with girlfriends or others? When you sense something is up, try your best to figure it out.
  2. She’s not talking about future – Most married couples talk about long-term plans over time. For instance, if married for many years, retirement plans could well be in the offing. As such, it would be commonplace to talk about them at times. Now, she seems unwilling to discuss such matters. If this seems out of the ordinary, you need to figure out with this is. Unless she dreads the thought of aging and retiring, she should be willing to talk about such events.
  3. Secretive on calls or emails – Last, if your wife has been an open book, is it a little strange that this has changed? From being open about stuff, to trying to hide some calls or emails, something is out of the ordinary. You need to figure out what is going on sooner than later. If you do not, such actions could continue occurring up until the day she may well leave you. Although folks should have some privacy with communications, going out of one’s way to hide them is bad.

If suspecting your wife of cheating on you, will you address the matter with her today?

Or, do you keep your fingers crossed you are misreading things?

Time will tell if you make the right call.