According to one study, 40% of business owners think bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a business.

If you’re in this camp, you might be looking for a solution, but you might not know what to do. Do you need to invest in accounting software? Maybe it’s a good idea to hire an accountant?

This post will provide you with three small business accounting tips that’ll help ease your accounting worries. If the accounting side of your business drives you insane, these tips will help you achieve sanity.

1. Keep Good Records

If you want to keep your finances in order, you need to focus on keeping good records.

This means that you need to safely store any information you might receive from the IRS. You also want to store any receipts and invoices associated with your business, so that you can quickly refer to them at a later date.

If you want to be really thorough, you may want to create a digital copy of your documents.

To do this, you can use a physical scanner, or you can use a ‘scanning app.’ Once you’ve scanned your documents, you then want to store them using a cloud storage service.

2. Invest in Software

Software can reduce the amount of time you spend on accounting, as it can allow you to do tasks with greater efficiency.

For instance, suppose you need to provide your employees with paystubs.

If you use a traditional approach, issuing paystubs can take a lot of time because each one needs to be filled out manually. Plus, if you make a mistake, you’ll need to start over, and this can draw things out even more.

However, if you use paystub software such as ThePayStubs, everything is automated. You don’t need to fill out the paystubs by hand, and if you make a mistake, all you need to do is press the “backspace” button.

3. Hire an Accountant

Ultimately, there’s only so much you can learn about accounting while actually running your business.

Thus, to free up some of your time, you should think about hiring an accountant.

With their help, you should be able to minimize any penalty-inducing mistakes when submitting your accounts. A start up accounting firm will also tell you how you can optimize your accounts, therefore allowing you to lower your tax bill.

Will You Use These Small Business Accounting Tips?

The small business accounting tips in this post should help you tackle the accounting issues facing your business.

At the end of every tax year, you should review your accounting strategy. In doing so, you may identify opportunities for improvement, thereby making the next tax year easier to deal with.

For a lot of people, accounting isn’t really the best thing about running a business. But if you want your business to stick around, it is something you will eventually need to learn about and master.

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