A recent survey showed that business owners were wasting as much as 80% of their marketing budgets on ineffective strategies. 

Marketing a business is just as important as creating a product or service that people want. If no one knows about your company, you’ll fail to get people in the doors and cover payroll and business expenses. One of the most challenging types of businesses that struggle with marketing is ABM companies. 

Keep reading to learn about the common account-based marketing mistakes companies make to save your budget! 

1. Generalizing Content

One of the biggest account-based marketing mistakes involves generalizing marketing content.

If you send out weekly newsletters and promo materials, you need to be selective about who they go to. Often, companies need to connect with a variety of customers and their needs will vary.

Learning about your target market can help you create unique content customers are interested in. Generalized marketing, however, doesn’t create enough impact on customers to make a purchase. 

2. Ignoring the Stats

Many people assume they can meet ABM goals without looking at the data.

Once you’ve finished creating an ABM campaign, you need to follow the progress of your efforts. Blindly putting money toward marketing without seeing the results could cost you thousands of dollars. By visiting Google Analytics and checking your website data, you can see what type of content your customers are engaging with the most. 

Frequently checking stats can help you make pivots on the job before hiccups occur. This is important if you want quick turnover times for your customers. 

3. Overlooking Automation

If your company already has a CRM program, you may have access to automation.

Automated tools can help send content to customers and even categorize them. This is great for marketing since you don’t have to sit by your computer and work your way through each email on your roster. 

Check Adobe’s Guide to ABM to discover convenient tools for automating tasks. With an ABM program, you can get more work done and have time to brainstorm your next campaign and marketing ideas. 

4. Relying on Outdated Tactics 

When the internet first grew popular, businesses sent emails to their customers before even building a website. 

Although emailing can still be an effective strategy for various types of ABM businesses, 2023 has more to offer. Social media has become notorious for marketing, especially when you have multiple accounts. Depending on your customer and vendor demographics, you can use the platform to market your brand. 

TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram accounts can help get your company noticed. Use hashtags to connect with each type of account you have opened or are pursuing.

Shut Down These Account-Based Marketing Mistakes 

If you want to run a successful company, you need to know about the most common account-based marketing mistakes. 

The way you present your company, and the target market you pursue, can indicate future success. Having a large account list is exciting, but if you can’t personalize experiences, you won’t hold up to your reputation. To help save time, automate simple tasks and focus on what your customers want by looking at the data. 

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