Truck accident victims frequently make several common mistakes when preparing and presenting their cases. Aside from the potential to weaken the claim, some missteps can bar a claim from getting any compensation. 

Suppose you or a loved one has suffered injuries or damage from a truck accident, you must understand the impact of all actions and statements made immediately after the accident. Here are four common mistakes you must avoid after a truck accident:

1. Making Statements That Could Hurt Your Case

After an accident, an insurance company may contact you as soon as the accident is reported; it could either be the truck company’s insurance or your own. If you end up saying something that creates doubt to who’s at fault, or perhaps sound unsure of the extent of your injuries, you will likely hurt your case. A simple, “let me speak with my attorney first” will do.

Apart from insurance companies, avoid narrating the story to other people including your friends, and making any social media posts. Speaking about your case is often inevitable, primarily due to the psychological impact of surviving an accident. To stay safe, consult with a Las Vegas truck accident lawyer as soon as you can; that way, they’ll straighten out for you what to share and what may be detrimental to talk about.

2. Giving in to the Pressure of Making a Settlement

After an accident, the pressure to replace or repair your vehicle soon, along with piling medical bills, may push you to feel an urgent need to settle the case after a truck accident. Quick settlements with insurance companies often result in receiving less compensation than you would have gotten if you had asked your legal representation to push a little harder or wait a little longer. 

The compensation amount may seem large at face value, but as soon as you single out every expense stemming from the accident, you realize the accident cost you way more, but you’ve shut the window to more compensation.

Patience pays with truck accident cases. Give your attorney time to conduct a thorough investigation concerning the existing laws and your case’s circumstances. Apart from the physical injury and damages, legal representation will help you get compensation for other losses like lost income, pain and suffering, and others.

3. Selling or Repairing the Vehicle Too Soon

After a truck accident, the damaged vehicle is part of the evidence; rushing to repair or sell the car eliminates the proof. Although a police report with pictures of your car might have been taken when the accident occurred, there may be hidden damages on your car that were missed at the crash scene. In some cases, you’ll find that your insurance company can pay for a rental car for you to use while the claims are processed. Check with an attorney to confirm whether your vehicle is still part of the instrumental evidence in the case.

4. Failing to Gather Evidence at the Accident Scene

The most reliable evidence in a truck accident case is the photos and videos taken immediately after the accident. Failing to gather this evidence may leave the proof of an accident in the hands of witnesses. If the truck owners took any pictures, they would have taken them at angles that favor their case. 

Record damages to your car and all other vehicles that are involved in the accident. Keep photographic evidence of the plate numbers of vehicles involved. If you suffered any visible injuries, have them photographed too. Your photo or video may also pick up weather conditions and other factors that will be useful in determining fault.

Claim Compensation

Attempting to gain the financial fallout stemming from a truck accident where you sustained significant injuries may be quite overwhelming. Dealing with insurance companies that are fighting to make little or no compensation, in the long run, is also quite a headache. It is essential that you keep away from avoidable mistakes that may harm your compensation values. Finally, seek the counsel of a truck accident attorney.