All work and no play they say makes you dull. Back when the world was normal there was no shortage of places to play at but now that most people are stuck at home it’s more difficult to find ways to unwind. Here are four fun things to try without leaving your house, either on a weekday after work or during the weekend.

Learn something new

Admittedly, learning anything does not sound very exciting to most people , however with the sheer amount of time we now have to ourselves opens up new possibilities. Pick one or two things you’ve always wanted to learn or get better at and take it as slowly as you can rather than subject yourself to a strict routine. If you want to perfect a certain recipe for instance, do it over the course of a week instead of a single weekend. This takes the goal-oriented pressure off, thereby increasing your enjoyment of the activity itself.


Although gambling generally gets a bad rap due to the many stories of addiction, it is one thrilling activity enjoyed by millions around the world. If you’re worried about losing money, taking advantage of US casino online no deposit bonus can help ease those worries. With this feature you can play the games on offer without paying a dime! Check online for the casinos that offer your favorite games, register, and start playing. This is a way to focus on the fun part of gambling and even some win money, all without spending a cent.


Karaoke is everyone’s favorite potentially embarrassing activity. But home alone or with your immediate family singing your heart out is just fun as there’s little risk of being embarrassed. Considering the fact that most people have been exercising less while at home, it might be doubly fun to introduce a twist into your karaoke night by accompanying your singing with dancing or even transitioning into a full blown dance party after a few rounds of singing.


Gone are the days when gaming was considered to be the exclusive domain of kids and teens. These days millions of adults spend their free time playing video games. There are now so many different games that it’s virtually impossible to not find one that appeals to you. In fact, a lot of developers make games that are tailored to specific personalities so all you have to do is find which one suits you best. To avoid getting intimidated, research the most beginner-friendly consoles or simply start with your favorite sports’ games on your smartphone or computer then work your way up the difficulty levels.

The isolation of being stuck indoors is overwhelming for most people but a few well-chosen activities could make the experience a bit more bearable. Some might even discover, after a while, that staying in can be just as enjoyable as going out.