Give yourself a step up into your truck that’s comfortable and convenient for your lifestyle. Running boards and nerf bars for trucks are available in both cab and wheel-to-wheel lengths. Compare the benefits of both before ordering a new set online.

Benefits of Wheel-to-Wheel Running Boards

Your rear truck door ends far before your rear tire. This means that wheel-to-wheel running boards are much longer than their cab-length cousins. Why do you need all that extra stepping space? These boards are most popular for truck owners with a bed tool box.

Instead of climbing into the bed of your truck or stretching to reach into this handy tool and cargo holder, choose wheel-to-wheel nerf bar running boards. Nerf bar style steps are also designed to protect the side of your truck, which is particularly helpful if you’re working or adventuring off road.

Just like cab length, wheel-to-wheel boards can include tread material the entire way or have individual steps. Separate step pieces are more common on nerf bars, rather than running boards. They usually have a third step at the end of the running board to allow you to access your tool box or truck bed.

Advantages of Cab Length Boards

Don’t pay for more running board than you need. If you don’t plan on reaching into the front of your truck bed, then choose an affordable cab length option. There are many factors that go into the price of running boards, including powered steps or basic packages, but on average a wheel-to-wheel accessory will be more of an investment.

Cab length steps are easy to install and still offer one or two steps to climb into your cab. They perform the essential features your truck needs, without using additional material for a longer bar or board.

Step Up Your Truck Exterior Accessories

There are benefits of choosing either exterior accessory. Once you decide between wheel-to-wheel or cab length, it’s time to check out other running board features. Consider a full aluminum accessory for added stability, or a plastic step with a steel frame for non-slip convenience. There are tons of tread options available to match your style and create a convenient access point to your vehicle.

You should also compare the height of your new accessory. Some ride low to give you a comfortable step, while others are set up high on your truck to maintain plenty of clearance. Powered steps require more installation and investment, but offer the best of both options. Look at the distance that the bars stick out past your truck as well to see if they may affect your driving performance. Aggressive nerf bars may make it more difficult to park in a tight spot, but streamlined options may not give you much of a step.

Choose the accessory that matches your personality and your vehicle. Be sure to measure your truck cab or wheel-to-wheel distance. Shop online at a reliable auto parts store to enter the make and model of your vehicle. This ensures you only receive the running boards, rims and brakes for sale that offer a convenient fit.