While most people in our fair country of Canada like to lay low for the winter, watching movies, reading books and conserving energy for the workday, everyone appreciates a good midwinter party to shake off some of that lethargy. While it’s much more common to throw a bash in the summertime or over the Christmas holidays, you can do your part to mix it up and give people a chance to blow off some steam midwinter by hosting a unique and stylish party.

Below are four tips for throwing an unforgettable party:

Provide Activities:

While some people get totally carried away with decorations and drinks, it can also be fun to plan some games and activities. Twister is always a hit and super fun for singles who want to flirt. Depending on how big your party is, playing a game of charades can lead to some big time laughs and some serious competitive energy. A more recent version of charades called bowls is a little more casual and often makes for more laughs, look up the rules online and away you go! While board game parties aren’t for everyone, some people love Settlers of Catan more than anything else in the world and will be grateful to play. Even with a bigger group, you could split up into pairs.

Hire a Bartender:

The easiest way to staff your event is to hire a full service company that will bring in a flashy mobile bar and friendly bartenders who can mix cool drinks and add to the overall vibe with good service and personality. Sour beers are very popular these days; Henderson’s brewery even makes a dark sour that is ideal for the winter months. Otherwise classic cocktails like the Sazerac or Corpse Reviver will have people feeling pretty good and complimenting your excellent taste.

Good Music:

While you may be tempted to hire a DJ, you can also rely on streaming services like Spotify to provide awesome premade party music, whatever your mood or taste might be. The one crucial thing here is sound-system: let’s be honest, your laptop speakers just aren’t going to cut it. Some companies like JBL make amazing Bluetooth speakers that are very powerful for their size and only cost a couple hundred bucks. If it’s a big party, however, you’re going to want a proper stereo with a power amp and multiple speakers. You probably have an A/V nerd in your friend group who can help you out, just make sure to plan ahead.

Good Food:

As with the music, you don’t have to break the bank on food. You can encourage attendees to bring snacks and you’ll have plenty of appetizers in no time. A fun way to do this is by encouraging everyone to bring cured meat, cheese and crackers and provide labels with toothpicks so you can identify what kind of charcuterie you’re eating. This creates a conversation around the food and a sense of communal pride. As the host you can serve up some cookies and cake as a bonus, without having spent a ton of money on fancy cheese.