There’s no state with more sunny beaches than Florida. The lure of leaving winter weather for a more tropical climate is common.

Retirees flock to Florida to take advantage of the state’s low cost of living. If you’re thinking of buying a house inĀ Florida, here are the 5 best cities to choose from.

5. Orlando

Having Disneyland as a neighbor has its benefits. Orlando is home to dozens of tourist attractions which means more to do when friends and family come to visit.

The city’s growing population is an indication of a healthy job market. Just a short drive from Miami, Orlando is a great destination for young professionals looking for nightlife.

4. Tampa

Tampa is known for more than its sports teams. The city boasts a growing suburb where families can put down roots.

The public schools are above average and a variety of private schools are available. Expect to meet people from all backgrounds in the diverse urban areas.

Though Tampa isn’t a major city, it’s one of the largest in the state of Florida. The average rent cost in Tampa is around $1,000 per month.

3. Naples

Naples is where you go to retire in style. A small coastal town with an urban feel, Naples attracts retirees who buy rather than rent their homes.

The median home value in Naples is around $800 thousand dollars. The close-knit beach community is filled with scenic views from ranch style homes.

A local agent will have trouble finding a wide range of properties for sale, however. Naples is known for having limited housing inventory due to its popularity.

The homes that are available are well beyond the median home price.

2. Fort Walton Beach

The Florida panhandle offers the best of both worlds when it comes to climate. It gets cold in the winter but without snow or freezing rain.

This is a good option for anyone who can’t stand the humid heat of south and central Florida. White sand beaches are plentiful in Fort Walton Beach with affordable housing available within miles of the coastline.

Beachfront properties in Fort Walton come at premium prices. Still, buyers can expect to get more for their money since beachfront residents are also adjacent to the marina.

1. Ocala

The constant growth of Ocala is proof it is worthy of the number one spot on this list. Ocala is central to everything in Florida.

An hour from Orlando, two hours from the state capital and less than an hour from the coastline, Ocala is at the center of everything you need. The city is still small enough to make buying a home here an investment.

The local economy is strong even for residents who aren’t raising horses. Famous residents include John Travolta, who built a million-dollar home complete with an airplane landing strip.

Buying a House in Florida

Florida is home to more affordable beach homes than most places in the country. It’s a great place to buy a vacation home for the first time on a modest budget.

Buying a house in Florida when relocating a family can be tricky. Not every town is family-friendly with some counties well below the national average in test scores.

Make a list of the top priorities for you to narrow down which city works best for your needs. For more information and tips, check our blog for updates.