If you’re looking for a great giveaway item that can work for both customers and congratulate the employees, look no further than the humble pen. Whether it’s a ballpoint, gel pen, or an elegant engraved pen, pens can make for a high value gift that brings people together. They’re small, inexpensive, and can be customized with your logo, making them even better for brand awareness. If you want to get the most out of your custom pens you’ll need to know where to distribute them appropriately. In this article, we’ll provide a few suggestions for doing just that. keep reading to learn more.

Give Them Away At Your Business

One of the better places to distribute your custom pens is going to be at your business. Whether it’s at the point of sale, when you’re interacting with customers, or as an impulse buy item, you have plenty of opportunities to get pens out to your customers. They’re also great to be used as gifts for clients and customers in order to strengthen your relationships. When you give them to customers, it also improves your brand awareness. People will see your brand information whenever that person uses the pen, making it a sort of advertisement as well.


At first, you might not think that giving him pens away to your employees would be a worthwhile endeavor. After all, they already work for you and probably patronize your business anyway. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Employees who use your pens are passively advertising your brand when they use them in public. They might all be inclined to hand them out to friends when they let them borrow a pen. Furthermore, you can give your employees wonderful engraved pens as a gift for hitting a sales goal, getting customer compliments, or for their time with the company. Pens are such a versatile item that people love, that it only makes sense to use them as a gift once in a while for the employees and most valuable to your brand.

Schools and Universities

Sometimes, there’s no better use case for a pen than a school. Students will use them regularly in their studies and throughout their time at a school. That makes them a worthwhile gift for students. You can’t go wrong with giving a student a pen. You can get the word out about your business by setting up giveaways at registration tables or during events at the school. Students who are about to graduate from high school or college (and who might be looking for jobs or internships) are a fantastic target market for your pens. Sending custom pens with your company name or logo is a great way to get their attention and start building relationships with potential employees before they even consider applying at your company.


When it comes time to donate money or goods, many people choose charities that are close to their hearts. These might be charities that help underprivileged kids, charities for animals, or charities to help victims of natural disasters. Whatever the case, donating to a charity isn’t a bad thing at all. Not only does it help the less fortunate, but it’s also good for helping your business. Consider giving a few pins to your favorite charity and helping out with their cause. Side benefit of this is that other people will get your pens and see your business logo, associated with the goodwill of donating to the charity and possibly become customers of your business. It’s a great way to be philanthropic while also having a Keen eye toward marketing and should not be overlooked as a possible auction.

Trade Shows

Trade shows and conferences are in vogue these days. Now that the covid-19 pandemic is winding down (although some long covid statistics show we have a bit of a way to go yet) it’s more likely that you’re going to be able to attend them and network with other industries. So, be sure to send some of your customized pens out to trade shows and conferences where your company might have a booth. Include a note with each pen that mentions your website, social media, and address for phone number so people can contact you to learn more about your business. By leveraging pens this way, you can generate some buzz about your company and get yourself noticed in a big way. It works with other items such as stationary and mugs as well, so be sure to provide as much swag as possible to get yourself noticed at your next trade show.