Glamping holidays are growing in popularity, and for good reason! Nothing beats the comfort and luxury of motorhome travel, whilst enjoying the beautiful nature and freedom of camping. To ensure you have the perfect glamping experience, follow out 5 main motorhome glamping tips.

1.  Comfort

Glamping is basically camping with comfort, and this is easily achieved in a motorhome. End a busy day of exploring or driving with a good night of sleep. Be sure to bring extra blankets in case it gets chilly at night. And pillows! Plenty of pillows for maximum comfort. And if you have too many people to sleep in your motorhome you can always set up a tent near your vehicle. Considering purchasing the best Coleman tent for family here.

2.  Food

Be the Nigella Lawson of glamping, and use the motorhome perk of cooking. It’ll save you money on eating out, which means you can spend that on other areas of your glamping trip. Cooking in a campervan is a super fun activity, and you can still produce delicious, varied meals. The key is planning your meals ahead of time, so that you bring everything you need. Not just your key ingredients, but spices and equipment! Try to plan meals that use the same spices, so you don’t have to bring more than five with you. Also consider trying open fire cooking, if the campsite permits it.

3.  Decoration

Sight is everything! It may seem frivolous, but Psychology shows that seeing nice things makes us feel better. And glamping is all about feeling good. So bring some nice decorations allowing for your glamping trip. Light some candles, or string up some fairy lights for the perfect ‘starry’ night. Bring actual wine glasses to drink out of instead of plastic cups, it makes it taste so much better! Bring a little vase of flowers, to brighten up your morning and bring nature inside with you.

4.  Location

By location, I don’t just mean your travel destination. Though that is important, whether it will be more of a city break or rural getaway. But also your campsite, and what facilities it will have. If you go for more of a luxury motorhome (see below), with its own toilet and cooking appliances, you could go for a more relaxed, rural campsite. But if your motorhome is more basic, or you simply prefer it, you could head to a luxurious holiday park. These often have swimming pools, or even hot tubs too! Park up and then soak up.

5.  Type of Motorhome

Your choice of motorhome hire is vital for glamping, as it is going to be your home on wheels during your trip. Before choosing a motorhome, be sure to consider how many people you’re travelling with, how much driving you plan to do, and how much time you’ll spend in the motorhome. For a true glamping experience, you’ll probably want to go for a larger, more luxurious vehicle. Will you go for an ensuite? Will you cook a lot in the motorhome? You can also consider what kind of bed you would want to sleep on, and whether you mind packing it in and out everyday, or prefer an overhead cabin bed. I would avoid a VW or Mazda Bongo for a glamping trip, as you’ll be tighter on space and hence glamping equipment!