There are three things that you should not tell a woman during a fight because there are a lot of things that women just do not want to hear. At the same time, there are a lot of things that are flatly unfair to say to a woman even if you are just arguing. Use these tips to ensure that you can make the right choices and fight fair in the future.

1. You Will See Someone Else

You could go out and meet London escorts when you want to get away from your partner, but that is not really solving the issue. For the most part, you are just telling her that she does not matter. If you leave, you should make sure that you simply go somewhere where you can cool off. The only way you can go see an escort is if you have broken up with this girl and it is all over between you. 

2. Commenting On Her Appearance

It is unfair to comment on a woman’s appearance as it is, and it is even more unfair to comment on her appearance when you are fighting. If you make this comment now, you need to be prepared for her to continue to ask you about it in the future. You are telling her that she is ugly, and that can be a very hard pill for most people to swallow. You need to argue about the issue at hand, and you should try to keep your comments on that topic.

3. Telling Her She Doesn’t Have A Right To Feel That Way

We do not have control over how people feel. This is why it is important that you do not tell a woman that she is overreacting. She will assume that you think she does not have a right to her feelings, and she is going to get even more upset than she already is. Because of this, it could be very hard for you to have a good time with her in the future because she is going to think that you will discount anything she thinks.

When you are arguing, you need to make sure that you take some steps to make the situation better instead of worse. You do not want to make it hard for your relationship to continue, and you do not want to hurt her feelings because of a simple argument or disagreement.