Summer has come, and now (unfortunately) summer is about to go.

If you feel victimized by this seemingly shorter season (largely in due part to the Covid-19 pandemic…ahem), you’re not alone. However, there is still time to turn your summer vacation around. If you haven’t created a summer bucket list for yourself, no worries: we got you. Here are five plans to squeeze into your summer break:

1. Build a pool in your back yard.

It’s time that the water brings itself to you for once. There are several benefits to having your very own pool. Sure, it brings value to your house and looks great against your home’s landscape, but mainly it’s a whole lot of fun! With your own pool, you get to enjoy the experience of swimming in your private space. Whether you want to throw raging pool parties or lay leisurely along the poolside, having a swimming pool is an essential must for the summer.

Owning your own swimming pool does come with a host of responsibilities. One of which includes having safety features such as a swimming pool net, a pool safety net, a pool fence, a pool cover, and a few other essential items. As a pool owner, your priorities will be making sure the pool is safe against internal and external conditions.

For example, having a pool net will assure that no one falls in unexpectedly; having a pool cover will protect it from any damage due to weather causes. Pool Guard USA has all of these essential tools available for your swimming pool; visit their website to get to shopping!

2. Take surf lessons.

Haven’t you always fantasized about being an ultra-cool surfer, catching huge waves on an even cooler surfboard? Let’s turn that dream into a reality.

The sport of surfing provides an exciting surf experience that several levels of surfers are sure to love. The Ohana Surf Project (based in Waikiki, Hawaii) offers surfing lessons for beginners, in addition to providing intermediate surfer and advanced surfer lessons. The surf instructors have a variety of skill levels, and between private lessons, group lessons, and surf camp, you’ll be well on your next step to dominating the best waves and tides. Visit Ohana Surf Project to start working on your surf technique. And once you have sharpened your surfing skills visit Globo Surf to find the best surfing locations.

3. Go on a summer getaway.

If you listen closely…Bali is calling your name. The summer season has always been the best time for a perfect vacation. Good weather, unbroken waves on the beach, endless, delicious drinks…what’s better than that? Now more than ever, you’re probably itching for a relaxing getaway (given that this pandemic has driven all of us up the walls). Even if you don’t want to go anywhere international, there are plenty of hot spots in the United States that can give you a dreamy experience. Lounge over a map to find your next getaway location.

4. Spend a day at a spa.

It’s likely that you’re still working during the summer, so the weekdays are full of responsibilities. Sometimes, those weeks are longer and tougher than we can imagine; this is when you need a place to quickly recharge your strength at. Yes, spas…we’re looking at you.

There’s no better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday than indulging in all the pleasures a spa has to offer. Not only are spas incredibly relaxing, but they provide several health benefits as well: they help destress you, the essential oils can be good for your body, and massages help with circulation throughout your body. Be sure to treat yourself this summer and enjoy a day at the spa.

5. Go on a hike.

The great outdoors are calling!

Hikes are a great activity to participate in. Not only are you getting to improve your physical health, but you get to enjoy the beauty of nature. It can be really good for your mental health to spend time outdoors; getting away from the hustle and bustle of life is a stress-relief that you deserve. Look up some trials or national landmarks near your home and lace up your hiking shoes. Just remember to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water!