Statistics show that in 2019, there were 33,244 fatal car accidents in the United States. This staggering number indicates that many people have had to deal with the aftermath of motor vehicle crashes.

In the blink of an eye, your world is turned upside down. It’s natural to have questions after getting injured in an accident. More questions will come as you navigate the process of obtaining compensation from the liable party. Just remember, you’re not alone. A dedicated car accident lawyer will fight for your justice and work to see you compensated for every penny you deserve.

What Should You Ask If You Were In a Car Accident?

1. Were There Any Witnesses?

If your injuries allow it, consider this immediately after the accident because people tend to forget important details as time passes. You want to know if there were people at the scene when the accident happened and if they saw anything that could be useful for your claim’s lawsuit.

Witnesses provide valuable information that people involved in the accident may not know based on their vantage point. The victim needs to ask relevant questions and take down their contact information to pass on to their lawyer for investigation.

2. Who Caused the Accident?

This is a critical question because it will set the foundation of the entire case. In many cases, if you bear more than half of the blame for the accident, or are found negligent, you are deemed responsible for the accident. Therefore, you are required by law to compensate the victim either out of pocket or through your insurance company.

In cases where there is bad signage or bad roads, the government takes the blame. Vehicle manufacturers can also be accused if faulty parts are found to have caused the accident. Finding the culprit will help the case move faster and settlements paid to the victim on time.

3. Whose Insurance Company Should I Call First?

No matter the person at fault, your insurance company should get a call from you detailing what happened. The reason to do this is to protect yourself during the insurance adjuster’s investigation. You risk losing your compensation if you do not communicate immediately and cooperate after the accident.

As for the other party’s insurance company, it’s better to leave that to your legal counsel. Remember to use the right words when talking to your insurer because it could affect your case later. Don’t acknowledge guilt instead; state facts only.

4. Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

In most cases, you will need a car accident lawyer because you might not be familiar with legal processes after a car crash. You will need someone who knows how to communicate and negotiate with insurance companies to get the best settlement. If the case is more serious, you might need legal representation to file and talk on your behalf in court.

5. What Are the Financial Implications of the Accident?

You would have to address all the ways the accident has negatively affected your life. Property damage done to your car, medical bills, and pain and suffering are just a few.

Maybe you are too injured to continue work, which means you lost your job and subsequently means to provide for your family. Lost income should be accounted for in your settlement.

On the flip side, you might want to know how much a potential settlement could be worth. You might also need a lawsuit loan to help you out while you wait for the settlement.

Avoid Assumptions by Talking to a Professional

It is good to ask yourself these questions, but it’s better if they are directed to a car accident lawyer who can give you realistic advice on what to do.