Football is the current headline maker.

It isn’t the only sport out there. Basketball fans can celebrate the fact that their sport is better. They can even argue that it is the greatest sport in the world.

Now, while they both attract massive numbers of fans and offer equally thrilling experiences, there are reasons that basketball is better than football.

So, here are several reasons why basketball is better than football. Read up on several reasons why football isn’t the only must-watch sport in town.

1. Anyone Can Play Basketball

Playing basketball is incredibly accessible, which is one of the many reasons why it is better than football. Anyone can play basketball, even expecting mothers and young kids, because it does not require heavy or rough physical contact.

Basketball is an enjoyable game for people of all ages and ability levels. It does not require the expensive equipment or large facilities necessary for football, which reduces the cost of participating.

2. More Shoe Options and Styles

The fact that basketball has more shoe options and styles than football is one of the reasons why it is better. Basketball shoes come in many different colors and styles, allowing players to have a unique look and style on the court.

Additionally, basketball shoes offer more cushion for running and jumping, allowing for a more comfortable playing experience. Another thing is the style which can be used for fashion and functionality such as Air Force 1 laces, which can be diverse.

3. It Can Be Played in Any Location

Basketball is an inclusive sport that can be enjoyed at any location with little or no equipment. No matter where you go, you can find a basketball court or some youth basketball camps to play the game.

Football, on the other hand, requires a large, specially-designed field. Compared to football, basketball requires much less time, space, and equipment. Smaller groups can easily pick up a game and take it to the park, beach, or local basketball court.

4. It Has More Games Played Every Season

Basketball is a sport that has more games played than any other sport. Every season, more games are played against more teams, providing an education and exciting competition in the sport.

Unlike football, basketball games go for 40 minutes and can include more than five players, providing an opportunity for every individual to have a more impactful role. Furthermore, basketball games are generally higher in scoring, giving the sport a more spectator-friendly aura.

5. It Has Simple Game Rules

One of the deciding reasons for the debate between basketball vs football is the game rules. Basketball only has 10 basic rules, making it a sport that is easy to understand and learn how to play.

Compared to the hundreds of rules applicable within the game of football, basketball is a much more manageable sport. Furthermore, the court is also much smaller in comparison to the large playing field of a football game, allowing for quick and easy action.

Know Why Basketball is Better Than Football

To conclude, basketball is the superior sport because of its fast-paced nature, long history in the U.S., and how it encourages skill development and sportsmanship. Football may have its advantages, but basketball should always remain the leading choice.

Knowing the benefits of basketball and basketball skills can help you understand why basketball is better than football. Get inspired, grab some friends, and pick up a basketball today!

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