More and more people are moving to Singapore with good reason. This island nation is special, welcoming, and friendly and there is so much to do and see. The weather is great, the food is fantastic, the culture is rich, and Singapore has a little bit of everything!

Singapore is safe, even late at night, and English is spoken by almost everyone. It is considered one of the easiest places in Asia for ex-pats to fit in and there are large communities of Americans and other westerners in most areas.

The cost of living in Singapore is similar to many cities in the United States and this city-state has everything you would expect from a modern city anywhere else in the world. It’s easy to get permanent residency and Singapore welcomes people from other parts of the world with open arms.

Read on to learn more about Singapore and the many reasons you should consider relocating there. Try it for a short time and you may soon find that you want to remain there for the rest of your life.

Fun Facts about Singapore

You have heard of Singapore, but you may not know much about it. You likely know that it is located off the coast of Malaysia and that it is on an island. However, you may not know that Singapore is not just one large island, but that it is made up of sixty-three distinct islands – most of them very small.

Although the country is small, the population is large. The current population of Singapore is about 5.8 million, which makes it the second-most densely populated nation after Monaco.

Although 5.8 million is a lot of people for a small island, Singapore is also very conscious of the need for nature and greenery. Because of this, nearly half of Singapore – around 700 square kilometers – is covered by green space such as parks and gardens. The island has 2,100 native plant species and the government is very interested in keeping them safe, healthy and vital.

As nations go, Singapore is new. It has only existed in its current form since 1965. Since then, it has gained land area but not through traditional methods like expansion or invasion. Instead, the Singaporean government has worked hard at reclaiming land from the ocean around the nation’s shores. Today, Singapore is larger than it was when it gained independence from the British.

Singapore may be small, but there is so much to learn about it. It is an amazing place where anyone can soon feel right at home. Here are 5 reasons you don’t want to miss a chance to check it out.

 1. Climate

Singapore is only one and a half degrees north of the equator, so if you like warm, tropical weather, you will feel right at home.

Temperatures are warm day and night throughout the year and there are not many fluctuations as the seasons change. You will not need to own a coat if you move to Singapore and spending time on the beach will become a big part of your routine.

2. Language & Culture

If you love diversity, you will see it everywhere in Singapore. The native population is made up of people with ancestry from China, southern India, or Malaysia. As a result, Singapore has four official languages – Chinese, Tamil, Malay, and English.

If English is your only language, you will have little difficulty communicating with people throughout Singapore.

In recent times, Singapore has begun to develop its own, unofficial language that people call Singlish because it’s a combination of English and other Singaporean lingo or slang, but residents will be happy to revert to standard English when they see you looking confused.

3. Food

Singapore is a city-state that has a wide variety of fantastic food options. Because of the nation’s diversity, you can find food here from many countries around the world, but the local food is fantastic, too.

You’ll soon fall in love with dishes like chili crab – Singapore’s national dish – plus others, like Hainanese chicken, otak-otak, bak kut teh, and more.

4. Safety

It doesn’t get much safer than Singapore. It appears on many lists as one of the safest countries in the world. No matter what time of day it is, or what neighborhood you find yourself in, you have almost nothing to fear.

This is the result of very strict laws and rather extreme punishments for breaking them, but the result is a country that is almost crime-free.

5. Quality of Life

Singapore has a little bit of everything, which helps ensure excellent quality of life for its residents. In just over fifty years, this nation managed to increase the GDP to $100,000 per year, making the country the fifth-highest GDP in the world today.

There are plenty of museums and educational institutions in Singapore that offer incredible services and experiences to the people who use them. The parks, gardens, and beaches give residents the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. The restaurants, nightclubs, and performing arts centers encourage an active nightlife.

In addition to that, the shopping in Singapore is world-class. Whether you are looking to shop for high fashion by top designers, for toys and games for your little ones, or for household needs at a hardware store, you will have no difficulty finding exactly what you need.

Singapore has something for everyone and it’s no wonder that so many people have chosen to move there and call this island nation their new home.

Try Living in Singapore

Singapore is an incredible place to visit and an even better place to live. These are just a few of the reasons you will fall in love with Singapore almost immediately upon arrival.

If you are looking to relocate to another country, give living in Singapore some heavy consideration.

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