Anyone who has ever had stubborn acne knows the frustration and desperation that accompanies it. With countless acne treatments on the market, why is it so hard to find the one that will work for your skin? Many topical medications for acne are quite harsh and can further damage already sensitive skin. If any of theses difficulties describe you, it may be a good time for you to try an acne oil blend. These blends, made of natural, organic plant oils and extracts, have been proven effective in treating acne and healing skin.

How To Spot the Good Stuff

Don’t fall for the gimmicks. A good, effective acne oil will have some or all of the following ingredients:

  1. Tamanu seed oil. This powerful oil, pressed from the nut of the tamanu tree found in Polynesia, has long been recognized as healthy for skin. It calms red skin, heals damaged skin, and fights the bacteria that causes acne.
  2. Lavender oil, distilled from the flower spikes, has natural anti-bacterial properties and reduces inflammation.
  3. Blue tansy, which strangely enough comes from a yellow flower grown in North Africa, is another anti-inflammatory. It fights acne and soothes the skin as well. It’s a true triple-threat!
  4. Rosehip oil is a well-known natural treatment for lightening dark skin spots and helping scars to fade.
  5. Black cumin seed oil, with its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, is a powerful part of the fight against acne. It comes from the Nigella sativa plant native to Western Asia and the Middle East.

For best results, apply acne oil every day at morning and evening. Gently clean your face with an organic wash first then dab just a drop or two of acne oil directly on your pimples and problem areas. Finish your face with a high-quality organic moisturizer to seal in the oil.

Go Organic or Go Home

In addition to having a good balance of oils and extracts, the acne oil you buy should be organic. The benefits of organic skin care include not only environmental advantages, but advantages for your body as well. Your skin is your largest organ and is very porous. Whatever you slather on on your face, arms, and legs gets absorbed into your bloodstream. If you’re using organic products, you know that only healthy, toxin-free oils and extracts are being absorbed. Other good reasons to go organic include:

  • No harmful, synthetic chemicals, include pesticides, get into your skin care products
  • Organic oils and extracts are less likely to cause allergic reactions
  • Organic products are cruelty-free
  • Synthetic ingredients can damage and weaken skin
  • Get more active ingredients and antioxidants with organics

Don’t forget to care for other parts of your body with organics, too. Organic menstrual products should be an important part of a healthy personal-care regimen. Look for organic cotton tampons and pads for less irritation and greater comfort. While you’re at it, check out organic shampoos and conditioners as well. Cover yourself from tip to toe with natural products and enjoy your new radiant glow.