Those four words make up one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask: “Will you marry me?” A proposal is a big step in any relationship. Before you try to find the perfect ring or plan a trip for the big moment, it’s important to know that you and your partner are ready to take that step. If any or all of these signs apply to you and your relationship, you might just be ready to propose.

You’ve Talked About the Future

When you picture your future, they’re at your side. You communicate comfortably about the important things and want the same things from life, more or less. Generally, you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to the years ahead of you. You’ve discussed important subjects like whether you want children, where you want to live, and how your relationship best functions. There might be some things you disagree on but they aren’t dealbreakers for either of you—if a topic has the potential to end your relationship, it must be brought up before you get engaged, let alone married.

You’re On the Same Page Financially

This ties in with the previous sign to some extent but warrants a separate point. You don’t necessarily need to be at the same point in your financial lives—one of you may be debt-free while the other isn’t, for example—but you must know about any discrepancies, especially before investing in an engagement ring and a wedding. Do you know who will handle any joint bills or if you want to combine your finances in joint accounts? How will you reconcile your saving and spending habits to benefit you as a couple? These questions might have been answered already, especially if you live together, but, if not, they’re worth considering before getting down on one knee.

They’re Dropping Hints

Or, an even more blatant sign: they’re dropping hints and it doesn’t freak you out. They might say something like, “When we get married…” or mention their dream proposal often enough to make sure you know what they’d like most. Maybe they’re showing you a diamond ring in a style they love or dropping links to Agape Diamond reviews into your text conversations. Whether their suggestions are subtle or more obvious, they’re there for a reason. Those hints mean that your partner is ready to take the next step!

You’re Confident They’ll Say Yes

Similarly, you’ll be less nervous when it comes time to pop the question if you’re confident they’re going to say yes. If they’re dropping hints, you can probably guess that you’ll be met with the same degree of excitement you feel. If your relationship is already strong, the next step is to make sure it’s the proposal of their dreams, or as close as you can get to it. Consider, for example, the ring. Even on a budget, you can pull off the stunning solitaire of her dreams with a lab-grown or simulated diamond. If you know that your partner would prefer a natural diamond but are concerned about the ecological implications that come with it, an ethically-sourced diamond might be the right fit.

You Know They’re The One

Knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with your significant other is quite possibly the most important sign of all. You no longer wonder who else is out there. When someone asks when the two of you are getting married, you don’t panic at the thought. You simply can’t imagine your life without them and wouldn’t want to. What better way to show that than with a proposal?

When you’re in love, you want nothing more than to spend as much time as possible with that person, and proposing is a step in that direction. If these signs apply to your relationship, find a ring, plan the moment, and pop the question. Here’s to spending the rest of your lives together.