Research done in 2021 shows two billion active monthly users on Instagram. This social platform allows users to post their business or personal content. Many images and videos are posted on this app every day.

The photos you post do not necessarily have to be from professional cameras. You can take the best Instagram photos with your phone.

However, in doing so, you need to be unique and stand out when it comes to your posts. What makes your posts worth engaging with?

This article discusses five tips for posting the best Instagram photos.

1. Natural Lighting

Light is one of the most critical components of a good photo. You need to understand what kind of light is present in your setting.

The lighting of a place tends to change depending on the time of day. When using Instagram, you have to decide on a location for your intended post. Whether indoors or outdoors, you should take advantage of the natural lighting present.

Most people choose to shoot while the sun is setting to give photos a soft, more natural look. Avoid using your phone’s flash during this time since it may lead to an over-exposed image.

2. Get Your Angles Right

Do your audience view your post the way you see it? A photo may comprise many different elements.

For example, while taking a photo of a person on a boat, your photo may also include the boat, the lake, and the sky. However, your focus is the person, and the only way your audience will notice this is through the angling.

The right angle enables your audience to view exactly what you want them to see.

3. Follow the Rule of Thirds

Deciding your photo arrangement is essential when it comes to taking the best Instagram photos. Your point of focus may be anywhere in your grid.

The rule of thirds is the most popular composition principle used to balance your images. It enables you to divide your photo into a three-by-three grid. This grid aligns the elements of your image along the grid lines creating balance.

If you do not want to place your object in the center, you can also use the grid to balance your image asymmetrically.

4. Editing Your Photos Correctly

You may not get the perfect shot by just taking the photo. This means you need to edit it to perfection.

Your images need to speak for themselves. Over editing and too many filters alter the photo as a whole and may misinterpret what you need to communicate.

There are several ways of editing photos apart from the Instagram editing features. Apps like VSCO, Snapseed, In-shot, and Lightroom offer a variety of features that are perfect for editing.

For the best Instagram photos, you need to be very keen on what you want present in your photo and its background. Some apps offer a background eraser that enables you to remove or change your background.

5. Choose the Most Suitable Style for You

There are different styles in which you can set your Instagram page. Your page is a reflection of who you are. If you are an influencer, brands will approach you depending on how our page is set up.

How you edit your photos and the order in which you post them represents what style works for you.

Following the same criteria used by another person may look monotonous and may not work for you the way it does for them.

How to Get the Best Instagram Photos

Increasing the engagement rate on your Instagram page may be a bit challenging. However, by taking the best Instagram photos, you are guaranteed to improve this.

Well-taken images will appeal to your audience, and they will most definitely stop scrolling and like. Your followers will look forward to your posts hence increasing your engagement.

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