Are you planning a trip to celebrate the way the world is returning to “normal” once again? Whether you want to travel across the globe or simply across the country, you may be preparing to take the first trip you’ve taken in a year.

If you want to make sure to have a great experience, there are a few things you can do to make sure you have a safe trip. Whether you plan to travel to South America or want to visit Canada, having safety measures in place, like learning how to hide money while traveling, can ensure your travels are everything you want for 2021. Take a look at this top travel safety tips:

Carefully plan your travel itinerary

One of the most important phases of your trip is your travel itinerary. Whether you’re traveling to Mexico or looking for flights to Newark, planning your arrival to a new destination is important. You want to look into everything from your arrival time to the times that necessary shuttles or buses stop running, whether it’s difficult to get a taxi at night, and more. Avoid hailing a cab in a new city too late at night, as in some destinations, this could be dangerous.

Carry theft-proof luggage

In many countries, pickpocketing is a common thing. You want to do your best to avoid having your money or passport stolen when visiting a new country, so to help protect would-be thieves, consider investing in luggage that is designed to be challenging for pickpockets to steal from. From backpacks that are slash-proof to luggage with locks on them to pouches that can be worn underneath your clothing, always keep an eye on your essentials when traveling.

Invest in travel insurance

Everybody hopes they will never have to use travel insurance, but the unexpected can happen anywhere you may visit. Whether you want to protect the belongings you take with you on your trip or you hope to have travel health insurance should you have an accident on your trip, there are many reasons to consider finding the best travel insurance for your needs before you set out. If you’re a frequent traveler, you should always have some type of insurance.

Do your research

It’s wise to do your research in advance when visiting a city or country you’ve never been to. Check out travel advisories and look up forums about safety in destinations you’re considering visiting. While we wish the world was perfectly safe, there are things to watch out for in some places that you wouldn’t even know about unless you did some research.

From knowing which neighborhoods to avoid to finding out about popular scams in your destination, it’s wise to know what kind of dangers exist in a location you hope to visit.

Get your vehicle checked

If you’re setting out on a road trip in your car, it’s a good idea to get your car inspected or checked before you set out. There could be hidden hazards you aren’t aware about, from bald tires to engine issues, and these could cause some serious problems down the road—literally.

To make sure you avoid any type of vehicle problems, take your car in before you get out on the open road, so you can enjoy the excitement of your travels with the peace of mind you deserve. If you’re renting a car for your road trip, consider investing in specific rental car insurance.

In Conclusion

Travel can be one of the most compelling experiences you’ll ever have. However, things can go wrong on trips. To make sure you avoid dangers or issues or at the very least are prepared for them, make sure you plan your trip well so you can stay safe on your next trip.