Quitting smoking is not easy, and for those who do, the tobacco cravings during the first month are incredibly challenging to overcome. In fact even after those tobacco cravings have subsided, there are still habitual cravings which ex-smokers have to battle with. There are however a number of tools which you can utilize to help you get past those pesky cravings. Given that you will be saving money from not smoking, investing a little into some products to help you is a smart move. In many cases you won’t even have to spend money, for example when it comes to nicotine pouches free sample options are available, which can help you without the need to splurge. Let’s take a look at nicotine pouches and other options which you can use to beat the cravings. 

Nicotine Pouch

A nicotine pouch is a smoke and tobacco free product which you can use to ward off those cravings. This small, white product is simply placed beneath the lip, where it is absorbed. Pouches of nicotine can help you to gradually lower your intake and keep those cravings at bay. 

Veg Prep 

Another great option to help you with both nicotine and physical cravings is to use veg snacks like cucumber, peppers and carrots. On an evening chop these products up into fingers, and then place them in a lunch box to take with you to work the next day. The size and shape of the veg almost feels like a cigarette, and chewing is a great way to keep your mouth occupied and satisfy some of your cravings. 

Using NRT

Nicotine replacement therapy such as gum and patches are the preferred option of so many who have quit smoking. Through the use of these products the body ingests nicotine in order to gradually help people wean themselves off the addiction. These products are used for a set amount of time and with each step the amount of nicotine is reduced until the end of the plan. 

Healthy Habits

Many people like to simply use healthy habits to get over their cravings, a more holistic approach to dealing with the frustration of withdrawal. For example some may do 20 push-ups when they feel an urge, others may mediate, go for a run, hit a punchbag or any other form of physical or mental exercise. This can help to take the mind off cravings and do something positive at the same time.  

Buddy System 

A final option for those who are trying to quit is to find a cravings buddy, someone who you can call and talk to or message when you are really feeling that urge to smoke. You only need to ward off a carving for a minute or two for it to pass, which is where your buddy can help. In an ideal world your buddy will also be quitting smoking and you can lean on each other when things are tough. Even if this is not the case however, a family member, loved one or friend can always help out when you get the itch. 

These are some of the most effective ways in which you can resist the urge to smoke after quitting.