CDN or Content Delivery Network means some amount of servers that are located in different places. This idea was introduced into practice in order to provide content in a wide area with the fastest speed. 

Let us discover details about the cdn hosting and its utilization.

The general idea

There is always the main server. Together with it and outside of it CDN or a distribution network has to create multiple Points of Presence (PoP). Due to this feature, websites are managing traffic better and processing faster the requests of users. Overall the experience of the latter becomes more pleasant.

Even if you are not aware of it, you utilize a CDN every time while visiting many e-commerce platforms or popular social networks. They appreciate and use this technology because they have clients all over the world and try to be as close to them as possible.

By utilizing this system, websites decrease bandwidth consumption, their pages are loading faster and they satisfy the users no matter what is the location.

How does this system work?

An average person is used to typing in queries into the search engines, hitting enter, and getting the desired results in a few seconds. Through this time:

  • The request is received by the server. 
  • Bits of data are distributed between it and your device. 
  • The closer is your location to the server, the faster will be the result.

If the company uses CDN, the high speed is guaranteed due to the additional distribution and more balanced traffic load. We in G-Core Labs have enough experience to prove this fact and help you to make your website work better.

Due to the CDN technology, you and your clients can forget once and for all about slow page download and other similar problems with Internet speed and connection.