You wouldn’t settle for a single scoop of vanilla if you had free reign to try everything at the ice cream factory. So why settle for plain and boring sex when you could enjoy a buffet of sexual pleasure with extra sprinkles and chocolate sauce?

Not that we’re knocking the missionary position or an occasional quickie. Sure, there’s a time for vanilla sex, but there are also times when you want to let loose and try something a little more mind-blowing instead. 

Whether that means role-playing, toys, or other fun ideas to spice up the bedroom, there are plenty of ways to experiment with your partner. Keep reading to find out how to have guaranteed bedroom fun!

1. Try it Blindfolded

For those of you who want to spice up the bedroom experience but are a little intimidated by toys, blindfolding each other is a great place to start. 

As you’ll know if you’ve ever closed your eyes during a massage, taking away visual stimulation heightens your other senses. Your body becomes more sensitive to every touch, while you’ll also start to notice the smell of your partner’s skin or the sound of their breath, with the simplest things becoming a source of extra pleasure. 

Blindfolds also offer the chance for the more submissive partner to take control for what could be the first time. With the spotlight on you, this can be a huge confidence boost as well as a chance to express yourself with more freedom. Removing the usual eye-to-eye contact also allows you to watch how your partner’s body responds to your touch. 

What’s more, blindfolds are also super handy. Most of us have a blindfold, silk scarf, or similar item lying around so there’s no need to even go out and buy something special.

2. Hot n’ Cold

If you’re keen to explore a little further, temperature play is another easily-accessible way to add a new dimension to your sexual relationship

With the addition of simple household items like ice cubes or warm honey, you can expand your sense of touch and the way you and your partner experience each others’ bodies.

You could even combine these hot and cold sensations with the blindfold. Seeing your partner’s body react to ice-cold drops of water or enticing their sense of smell with warm melted chocolate can be an eye-opening experience. And for them, the attraction is in the unknown and the unexpected.

3. Go for Gold

4. Good Vibrations

What could be better than a vibrator? Vibrating panties! 

While styles vary, the main concept is hands-free clitoral stimulation for plenty of battery-operated bedroom fun, whether you prefer to go solo or team up with a partner. 

That said, the draw of vibrating panties goes beyond the classic vibrator. After all, they’re a passport to portable pleasure, meaning you can take your orgasm with you wherever you go. And, since you control the vibrations via an app on your phone, you can even use them in public while pretending to scroll on Instagram. 

Or for the ultimate kinky sex experience, hand over the controls to your partner and let them watch as you get off.

5. Play Your Part

Who needs toys and accessories when you can have plenty of bedroom fun using your imagination? 

For couples who want a little escapism, role-playing offers the perfect opportunity to express your inner desires and act out fantasies with a greater sense of freedom.

You could start with something simple like strangers meeting in a bar for the first time and getting so turned on they have to slip off to the bathroom together. Or, if you or your partner has a specific fantasy about a certain profession, scenario, or otherwise, go with that and put your acting skills to the test.

6. Toys for the Boys

Whether you’re in the market for gay sex toys or looking to amp up the bedroom fun in a heterosexual relationship, there are plenty of ways to expand your man’s sexual horizons. 

For anal play, nothing beats an ass hammer. It might sound scary but this simple device combines two stainless steel balls at either end of a thin metal pole for a mind-blowing experience. Or, you might prefer to try butt bullet vibrators for a gentler way to ease into the world of anal-penetration toys. 

Penis vibrators and prostate massagers also offer new ways to explore the male body and spice up the bedroom experience for both you and the man in your life. 

Fun Ideas to Spice Up the Bedroom

As these different options show, there are plenty of fun ideas to spice up the bedroom experience for you and your partner. 

Whether you’re just starting out with some blindfolded bedroom fun or want to explore the world of gay sex toys, you’re sure to have lots of fun experimenting together!

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