Marijuana helps people who suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, and a number of serious health conditions. Maybe you want to get in on the healing, or possibly, you just want to use it to kick back a relax after a long day.

Either way, many beginners do not know where to start. What is the best weed to smoke?

Choosing the Right Weed

When deciding on the best weed to smoke, you first need to understand what you want it for. Different types of marijuana offer their own set of unique properties, making the best weed dependent on your individual need.

Read on to learn about different types of weed so you can make an informed decision when buying from dispensaries like Harvest HOC.


Cannabis sativa strains tend to offer a more invigorating and uplifting high. You may find this weed best if you need a cerebral boost.

Use it if you need a little energy for physical activity or a social situation where you want to come out of your shell. It also works wonders for boosting creativity!

In the Sativa family, each strain offers something a little different.

Durban Poison

Want something with notes of a fruity tea? This pure South African Sativa strain packs a power punch!

It may help with chronic depression, as it really uplifts the mood. This effect along with the energy boost makes it a great choice for social gatherings. 

Sour Diesel

To rev up your creative juices and increase your focus, turn to Diesel. This strain offers a distinct pungency, almost like sour pepper. It will also launch you into euphoria!


With higher concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabis indica provides more of a body high. This makes it an excellent choice for pain control.

Indica also tends to tone things down. It works great for calming the body and mind.

King Kush

Emanating hints of lavender and grape, this strain tells you the calm to expect with just a whiff. It gently calms, making it great to relax after a long day at work.

The mood-altering effects will lift you out of a funk while calming your nerves. It also works well for easing moderate pain.

Northern Lights

A variety that will take you places is the spiced lemon flavor of Northern Lights. This strain offers a powerful calming effect. Use it to help with insomnia and you will find yourself in peaceful dreams.


Sometimes you need a perfect mix of Indica and Sativa properties. Get yourself a good hybrid for the balance! Some of the favorites this year include White Widdow, Blue Dream, Cherry Pie, and Black Rose.

What Is the Best Weed to Smoke?

As you can see, all strains carry in potency and qualities. So, what is the best weed to smoke?

The best is whichever weed your smoking that seems to hit the spot. Keep on hand your favorite from both Sativa and Indica for your changing needs.

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