Soundengineers aren’t the easiest people to buy for. What could a live sound guy want? Everyone has their own tastes but with endless options both in stores and online, it’s hard to find that one thing that you know your sound engineer will love. We’re here to make decision process a little easier! Here are 6 gadgets that are sure to impress the sound engineer in your life.

1. Woo Audio Aluminum Headphone Stand

Chances are that your sound engineer has spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on headphones. While us normal people toss ours around and set them down anywhere, sound engineers know the importance of taking good care of theirs. Ensure your sound engineer’s prized headphones are protected with a Woo Audio Aluminum Headphone Stand. Not only do these stands give owners a place to store their headphones, they’re also a really cool way to put headphones on display. Sound engineers are no strangers to showing off their favorite pair. For $80 you can purchase a dual stand that holds two pair of headphones stylishly.

2. Chord Electronics Hugo Leather Case

If the sound engineer in your life owns a Chord Hugo, the newest gadget to add to their collection is the Chord Electronics Hugo Leather Case. This case is designed to hold the Chord Hugo and can also hold a cell phone or a digital audio player. The case is made from highly durable leather and is designed to allow full access to the Hugo’s inputs, outputs, controls, and LED indicators. For less than $150, you can provide your sound engineer the gift of convenient, safe, and easy carrying.

3. Pyle-Pro PCT40 12 Plug Pro Audio Cable Tester

There’s nothing worse than hitting the stage only to find that your audio cables aren’t working properly. Thankfully there are handy devices known as audio cable testers that can alleviate these types of issues. One of the most dependable yet affordable audio cable testers is the Pyle-Pro PCT40 12 Plug Pro. This device is simple and easy to use and can help to identity cable continuity issues. The device can be used to test:

  • USB

  • Banana Plugs

  • 3-Pin Din

  • 5-Pin Din

  • 8-Pin Din

  • 1/4” TRS Jacks

  • 3 Pin XLR Male

  • 3 Pin XLR Female

  • RCA Phono

  • And more!

With this device, sound issues are a worry of the past, and for less than $50, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you purchased a gift that is definitely useful and much needed.

4. Leatherman 830039 Wave Multi-tool

No sound engineer’s arsenal is complete without a multi-tool kit. One of the top rated multi-tools on the market is the Leatherman 830039 Wave. This tool is made out of stainless steel and includes 17 different tools including wire cutters, serrated knife, scissors, needlenose pliers, diamond-coated file, bit drivers, wire stripper, and more. Sound engineers know that random things can go wrong at any time. From faulty wires to equipment issues, having access to a multi-tool means that most issues can be fixed and the show can go on. The tool is just under $100 and is a good investment for sound engineers of all types.

5. Audioengine A2+ Speakers

These days speakers are a dime a dozen, and chances are that the sound engineer you know has more than a few. But, the Audioengine A2+ Speakers are unlike any others on the market. These speakers are perfect for home or office use. One speaker plugs directly into the wall, and to use them, a USB connection is required. The A2+ Speakers are very space conscious, with a footprint no larger than a CD case. The coolest detail of these speakers is the fact that they’re designed with a digital-to-analog converter. This ensures crisp, clean, and accurate audio which is quite shocking considering the size of these powerhouses. While Bluetooth speakers are all the hype, they often fall short when it comes to audio quality. For $250, the Audioengine A2+ Speakers are a worthwhile purchase.

6. Kaltman Cable Coiler

Have you ever seen the number of super long cables that sound engineers have to deal with? If not, consider yourself lucky! To make a sound engineers life a little easier, purchase a Kaltman Cable Coiler. This device is one of the first handheld motorized cable coilers on the market. The cable coiler coils up to 50 feet of cable in 5 seconds or less. Once the cable is coiled, it can be slid off for easy storage. A properly coiled cable means no twists and tangles to deal with as well as no stress on internal conductors.


There are tons of cool gadgets on the market for sound engineers. From speakers to audio cables, it can be hard to know what to get for that sound guy or girl in your life. Keep these 6 gadgets in mind for items that are sure to impress. What are some of your best gift ideas for the sound engineer in your life? Leave us a comment with your best ideas in the section below.