Although college life comes with a lot of academic work, it is also the perfect time to venture into entrepreneurship. Having a startup business in college prevents you from getting broke regularly. Several business opportunities are ideal for college students and do not require a lot of cash or time.  Below are a few low-cost business opportunities for students.

Dorm cleaning service

Many teenagers, especially those from affluent families, usually depend on their parents or house, helps at home to mop and cleanse their bedrooms. When they get into college or university, things likely do not change; they often do not prefer to clean their rooms by themselves. Although they cannot wash their dorms, they still need to stay in a tidy place, creating a perfect business opportunity. It is an excellent chance to venture into this opportunity and charge a fee for cleaning the room. Many students cannot clean up a room by themselves, and you can efficiently market your business in all hostels available by going door-to-door and asking for cleaning work. Dorm cleaners often outsource their assignment to an essay writing service and pay using the money they earn from the business. The startup expenses for a dorm cleaning business is relatively low since you only need to purchase cleaning materials, and sometimes an authorization from the relevant authorities. After some time in the industry, and if you have many consistent customers who need cleaning services, you can employ other students who want to venture into the startup to do the work for you. Dorm cleaning service is a good startup idea that can start in any college and expand into a big cleaning company. 

On-campus delivery service

Mostly you can find delivery services in major cities and towns delivering food and other packed goods. But it is rare to get such services established within a campus to provide goods to people living around the college. In colleges, you may find professors taking suits to and from the college dry cleaner by themselves. Isn’t that a good startup opportunity? The professor may want the suit delivered to his office from a dry cleaner. Yes, you get that! Sometimes, other students may require food delivered to their hostel rooms from the eatery. All the above situations are great low-cost opportunities for you to make cash, and allow them to have enough time for studying. The business will probably require a bike and a bag or a substantial container, which is quite affordable. Expand the service into business for students across campuses within the locality. 

Language transcription service

Many colleges enroll students from all around the world. If you get a chance to attend school with students from different regions, while you are probably a linguist, transcription service can be an excellent start to earn well. It is ideal to set up a website where other students can upload their articles, and you work on them in your dorm. Transcribe the item based on their requirements and deliver it back through the portal, where you charge a fee for the service. The website is suitable since it will reduce the time you could spend reading emails and hardcopy articles. The startup has the potential to expand into one of the biggest college businesses if you hire more workforce to help you handle many documents and deliver on time.

Research paper writing company

If you ask professional writers about an excellent business to start in college, the first recommendation will be offering paper writing services. The firm earns decent amounts of money for those who venture with seriousness. If you like writing and have the required skills to construct dissertations, the business opportunity is perfect for you. As an entrepreneur and a student, you could be having some of the requirements for starting this business; you will likely need a computer or laptop. You also need to create a website where students from various colleges can request and pay deposits for their research papers. One thing interesting about this job is that you can offer coursework writing service from your room’s comfort rather than renting an office. Therefore, you do not need expenses for a working place, and you could be using the computer you use for studying. Remember, the fee you charge for writing a research paper depends on the size and type. Your clients will pay decent money if you produce quality work for them since they will have an assurance of getting better grades. However, be careful about this business since many colleges have policies against writing services. The company can expand if you higher other interested and writing-skilled students to help you finish orders on time. 

Senior companion service

Undoubtedly, the population of people above 65 years continues to grow globally. In some regions of the world, projections show that the 65+ group will be the fastest-growing population. We all understand that higher demography of a particular age group presents a specific business opportunity. A higher population of seniors is never different; it offers an excellent opportunity for young students. In case you are schooling in a college where the highest population is seniors above 65 years, that is a perfect chance for you. The seniors usually need a company, and you can market your service around the college. As a senior companion service provider, you can make a plan with a client to pay you a monthly fee to go for an afternoon or evening hangout. Besides, you can also attend to some chores for them. It has an excellent opportunity to expand by hiring other willing students to take on many shifts. 

Care-package subscription service

In many universities, you would find several new students each year who miss home after they first moved to college. Interestingly, their parents or guardians also miss caring for them. The subscription service intends to solve the problem for both parents and their children in school. Parents can purchase care packages for their kids, then delivered in certain months of the year to their kids in school. It is a helpful business to keep students free of home-sickness, common among newly recruited enrolled learners; they packed boxes of their favorite goods from their parents. You can partner with nearby food suppliers as it is an ideal way of marketing their brand. By partnering with food suppliers, you can get free or cheap supplies suitable for a startup. This one of the best businesses to start in college; it requires low investment to operate with a license from relevant authorities.

A college is an excellent place for taking a risk in entrepreneurship since there are plenty of opportunities. Although there are many things to handle, a startup will not demand a lot of your time. You could use the free time you get after classes to attend your business and increase your finances.