When you think of vacation, hopefully you think of relaxation. But, if you don’t, why’s that? Why does going on vacation stress you out, when it is made to do the exact opposite? Well, we have a few tips for you to use that way you have a stress-free, relaxing vacation!

Pack self-care items

We know that you are hoping to use your vacation time to not do much, but one thing we think you should do, is take care of yourself! Pack a couple hydrating face masks, a few bottles of nail polish, hair masks, or even a massage gun to be able to relax you once you have arrived at your destination. These self-care items can take your vacation from ordinary to relaxing instantly. Of course, everyone’s version of self-care is different, so if yours consists of getting a bottle of wine, some beer, and a carton of ice cream upon arrival, we understand that, too.

Pick a good resort

Picking a good place to stay is crucial when it comes to ensuring you will be able to relax while on your vacation. You want to pick one with comfy beds, amazing views, and grounds where you feel safe and relaxed. There are so many of those to choose from when it comes to all of the different Cancun resorts. However, whichever you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a good value and a beautiful spot to enjoy your time. This will contribute to your relaxation and give you an unforgettable vacation!

Put your electronics away

Yes, we are serious about this one. Put them away! You will feel so much more relaxed when you aren’t worried about the emails you are getting, who is posting what, and what updates you aren’t seeing. You will be able to fully enjoy the moment and be able to finally relax! When we constantly worry about what is happening on social media, or back home at work, we aren’t able to rest or let anything go. Now, we know this one won’t be easy, but once you get used to it, you will be much better off!

Use a new scent

When on vacation, you most likely use that tiny bar of hotel soap which dries out your hands and leaves them smelling chalky and soapy. You might not realize how much our sense of smell plays into our relaxation abilities. So, we think next time you go on vacation, take a bottle of amazing smelling soap to use in your hotel. It will not only help to clean you, but to make you as relaxed as can be. Once you return from your trip, put it back in the cabinet for safekeeping until your next trip. Your exclusive vacation soap will be a game changer. Need something with a little more kick? You could also bring aromatherapy or bath bombs to get you in the laid-back zone.

Order in

Yes, dining out while on vacation can be amazing, but having to get dressed up, driving there, and being around groups of people isn’t always relaxing. If you can, order room service to be enjoyed on your balcony, get local pick up and eat it on the beach, or see if there are hotel restaurants that you don’t have to travel to get to. You will feel so much more relaxed knowing you don’t have to go too far to get yummy food!

Vow to do nothing

Ok, we know this one sounds silly, but when you are going on vacation, you have to make it a point to promise yourself you are going to relax. Go out of your way to be sure that you are doing nothing but relaxing. As soon as you start to feel even the slightest feeling of anxiety about planning what is next, stop and reevaluate. You have to do your best to stay anxiety- and plan-free, that way you are really maximizing your relaxation time and efforts.

Alright, now go enjoy yourself! You will be glad that you made relaxing your priority.