Every end of each semester is always topped with a sweet cherry called a research paper. This is the one time in the year where students will go in full swing studying and writing papers all day long. If you are one of these students who are anxious to make sure that they will submit a perfect research paper, you might need some help in making sure that it will look great. 

Your teacher or professor may have given you some guidelines on how to make sure that your paper will meet the school’s standards. However, in this article, we will discuss the different ways to make sure that your research paper will be more presentable.

1. Add Page Numbers Correctly

If you will come to think of it, research papers, especially when long, are pretty much like books. Because of this, it’s necessary to make sure that readers will easily keep track of the part they are reading. Thus, it’s important to include page numbers on your research paper and match it accordingly with your Table of Contents.

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2. Convert to PDF

Before submitting your research paper, make sure to convert it to a PDF file. It’s too informal to submit an editable word document for your paper. If you want your research paper to look and appear more presentable, saving it as a PDF is the best way.

PDF gives the impression that a digital document will look like a book. In that way, it’s easier for your professors and the panel to read or browse through your research paper. Moreover, PDF is accessible across different devices, which makes it more convenient.

3. Use Proper Format and Citation

Before you start your research, make sure to ask your professor or teacher if you are going to use APA or MLA for your paper. This is to guarantee the consistency of the paper’s formats and citation. If your research paper requires a mix of APA and MLA for citing the sources, the whole research will look unprofessional.

The most important thing to remember is to learn the difference between the two types of citations. MLA or Modern Language Association is usually used for citing references in arts and humanities such as paintings, books, poetry, and other literature. On the other hand, APA or American Psychological Association is mainly used for citing references in the social sciences such as journals or technical reports.

4. Observe Proper Spacing

You may have probably read a few research papers and noticed that the line spacing is a bit wide than a usual document. That’s the usual case for research papers because it makes the document easier to read. However, if the spaces are too wide, it may look weird and unprofessional, plus it will take too many pages.

To make sure that your research paper will still look presentable even with spacing, use 1.5 or double spaces at most. Through this, you will have a readable finish for your articles, and you can preserve a couple of pages.

5. Keep the Overall Layout Simple

Aside from the spacing, it’s also important to keep the overall layout and formatting of your research as simple as possible. Do not use flashy and bold fonts. Keep it to a basic serif or sans serif such as Times New Roman or Arial. Furthermore, make sure to use the font styles and formatting for titles and headers. In that way, it will be easier for your readers to see if they are finishing a chapter or starting a new one.

In totality, make sure that the entire research will look formal by using plain colors and avoid using designs in the document other than what is required by your professor or teachers. A research paper, above everything else, is academic material. Thus, it has to serve its purpose properly.

6. Use Proofreading Software

Above everything else, keep your research error-free. The most basic mistake that you can prevent is grammatical errors. Your research will be read by other students and professionals. Hence, it’s necessary to make sure of its perfect grammar and syntax. You can use an online proofreading software to aid you with the basic grammar checking before you submit it to your proof reader.

Furthermore, make sure that you are free from any forms of plagiarism. Some online proofreading software is also equipped with plagiarism checkers that will search all published articles online for similar contents. It can be your first layer of prevention.

Present Your Research Paper More Effectively

Research papers should be closed to perfect, if not a hundred percent. Apart from the thorough research of references and studies, it’s necessary to consider how you will present your ideas to your professors and panels. Just remember to add PDF pages, convert them to PDF, use proper format and citation, keep the overall layout simple, and proofread your article thoroughly.