Introducing natural light is one of the easiest ways to improve the way your home looks. It can instantly boost your mood with a lot of fresh energy, not to mention a lot of Vitamin D and increased serotonin levels! Research shows that increasing natural light can positively contribute to uplifting our mood and making us feel warmer and happier. One of the smartest ways to increase the amount of natural light entering your home is to play with both your interior decoration and the architecture and structural aspects of your space. We have put together a list of the few things you can consider as you start this mission! We hope you find these tips useful. 

 1. Use of Glass Doors 

 An efficient way to bring more light into your space is by using doors that don’t block out the sun. You can swap solid and opaque doors for doors or even French doors. This way, light can easily move through different areas that might have otherwise remained in the shadows. 

2. Use Skylights

Skylights are great for opening up your ceiling in living rooms and kitchens or even bedrooms if you are comfortable when you want to spend time with friends and family in bright rooms. These lights are also great overhead indoor plants. 

3. Match Windows with Window Blinds 

Think about the structure of your windows. Different types of window shades and blinds play with light in different ways. They are functional and versatile and can keep the dust out while having modern features to get the most out of the sunlight. Going without window blinds may be most effective for reasons of privacy and safety that are not always an option for people. You can consider different types of blinds such as, roman blindsvertical blinds, and panel blinds, just to name a few that can help you in this situation. 

4. Keep your Windows Clean. 

Remember to clean your windows frequently enough. Window panes come into direct contact with all sorts of environmental factors and don’t take that long to become foggy and dirty. Something as unassuming as giving them a nice scrub will clear out the grime blocking the sun rays. Put on your headphone, enjoy some music and make the process more relaxing for yourself. 

5. Place Mirrors Strategically.

Consider strategically placing mirrors to amplify the way light plays in the room. Mirrors are a great way to not only make your room appear larger and more spacious but can also make it look more open and brighter. While you may worry that it appears egotistical, don’t feed that too much though because they look rather elegant and add to the overall aesthetic appeal. Mirrors have surprisingly become a rather fashionable addition to living rooms, and if you would like to show off more of your wallpaper or decorations, they are ideal for that as well. 

6. Use Lighter Wood

If you are a fan of wooden floors and furniture, you probably have great taste. Good quality wooden furniture can make a place look tasteful, vintage elegant, and even contemporary, depending upon your style. But try and go for lighter shades of wood. Darker colors tend to absorb more heat and light and make the room look stuffy, while lighter colors reflect the sun and make your space airier, even if the room is tightly packed. So light wood can seriously brighten up your home. Go for pieces that are made up of maple, ash, oak, or hickory. 

7. Use Neutral Walls 

While it may seem exciting to play with different colors, traditional white or light-colored walls keep the room cooler. These can redistribute the way the light flows in and ensure that you are using your resources to the best of your capacity for a fresh and bright look!