Australia has enacted strict laws to deal with drug trafficking, selling, cultivation and possession. As per Federal laws, you might face life imprisonment for trafficking a commercial quantity of illicit drugs. 

If the police have caught you in possession of illicit drugs, it does not mean you cannot put up a defence in court. However, you need expert drug lawyers Sydney to prove your innocence. Here are seven reasons to look for an expert drug lawyer in Sydney.

1. Proven Track Record

As per recent data, around 18,096 cases of Cannabis possession have been registered in NSW. Expert drug lawyers have effective case strategies that can help in dropping drug-related charges or downgrading these charges. It helps in saving client’s time, money and reduces stress while dealing with drug charges. 

Expert drug lawyers consistently win appeals in Sydney’s District and Supreme courts, while clients who choose inexperienced drug lawyers have to suffer due to unsatisfactory results. 

2. High Level of Satisfaction 

Expert drug lawyers in Sydney are known for their high level of dedication to their clients. The client enjoys caring representation throughout the case. The entire operation of the drug case is to ensure the clients get the best representation in the court and the client’s needs are addressed in a prompt suitable manner. All this translated into a high level of satisfaction for clients. 

3. Fixed Fees

Legal fees are a major concern in any court case. Since the drug cases are complex and have severe sentences, many lawyers exploit the situation by charging high fees. On the other hand, expert drug lawyers have fixed fees, and you will be informed about the legal fees before you hire them to fight your drug charges. You will find the fees mentioned on their website, ensuring certainty and transparency. 

4. Free First Appointment 

As per NSW drug case data, around 6,500 cases of possession of Amphetamines were registered in 2017. One reason to choose expert drug lawyers is they do not charge clients for the first appointment that is generally used to discuss the case. The first appointment is with a senior drug lawyer who better understands the federal and NSW laws related to drug possession or trafficking. 

5. Specialist Lawyer Guarantee

The legal field is complex, and the case outcome also depends on the arguments presented by your lawyer. When you choose an expert drug law firm, you can assure a specialist drug lawyer will fight your drug case in the Sydney court. A specialist drug lawyer offers services in drug-related cases who have polished their expertise while focusing on fulfilling their client’s needs. 

The specialist drug lawyer can better understand the situation in which you were arrested and the drug charges have been filed against you. Hence, the lawyer can devise arguments in support of your innocence, leading to the dropping of the charges.

6. Team of Lawyers 

It can benefit you in many ways. When you select an expert legal firm, you have a team of lawyers studying your case. When one of the lawyers might point out a mistake in a police investigation that others have overlooked, you have a team of bright minds working on your case, the chances of winning the case increase.

7. Convenient Locations

As per 2017 drug case data, around 2,679 ecstasy possession cases have been recorded in NSW. Expert drug lawyers can appear in any court of NSW. You can choose any convenient location as per your needs for an initial consultation. This reduces the need to travel to Sydney or a nearby suburb to meet the lawyer to discuss the case. 

To sum up, these are seven reasons you should follow to look for an expert drug lawyer in Sydney.