Privacy is quite important in a home. It is, perhaps, one of the most important things about having one’s own space. However, open layouts, which give very little room for privacy, are very popular designs in today’s homes. While open layouts are beautiful, the design intensifies the need for privacy in the home.

There are several designs to choose from when building a partition wall. Some of them are relatively easy to build and can be done with a few tools such as metal track and stud while others may require the service of professionals. You may need to divide space between different areas of the house such as the living room and bedroom, living room and kitchen, or living room and dining hall.

Implementing the right kind of partition design will not only help you to divide the space in your home, but it will also make it look more pleasing. Some effective and aesthetically-pleasing wall design ideas are:

Glass Partition

This design particularly comes in handy when there isn’t a lot of space to work with, for instance, it can be used to separate the living room and bedroom of a studio apartment. Glass partitions require regular maintenance, however, the result further serves to maintain the beauty of your home. The glass partition creates an elegant display, blends in perfectly with the background of both rooms, and takes up minimal space. Additionally, the reflection of light on the glass creates an illusion that can make your room look bigger than it is.

Furthermore, you can attach drapes to the top of the glass partition to create some privacy for the bedroom. It is important to note that the illusion works best with a white background.

Brick Wall Partition

For lovers of all things boho who are looking to demarcate their living room and dining area, antique-themed rustic brown walls are the perfect materials with which to create your partition wall.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the design is also easy to maintain. To make the design feel even more “at home”, you can add more boho-themed furniture and paintings that complement the partition wall design.

Get Creative With Decorative Lattice Panels

Decorative lattice panels can instantly make a room look livelier and more beautiful than it did before the installation of the panels. The intricately carved lattice design is not only elegant to look at, but it also doesn’t take up much space. However, it still works to demarcate the living room and kitchen area. This design also does well to keep the kitchen hidden.

Additionally, you have the option of choosing the material for your lattice panels. The option ranges from brightly colored materials such as gold to drab, yet elegant ones, like wood. The golden lattice partition can make your rooms look regal and radiant without trying. With the partition installed, you may not even need to add further decoration to your kitchen.

Partition wall designs are very effective for stylishly separating two rooms. However, the installation of the right partition wall design depends on factors such as the rooms you want to divide, the size of the apartment, and your general inclination.