According to the International Labor Organization, there are about 340 million occupational accidents worldwide, with 160 million others suffering work-related illnesses every year.

The statistics are a clear indication of increased safety hazards in the workplace. Given the grave implications of these accidents, a safe workplace should be a priority.

Are you wondering how to improve workplace safety? Here are 7 simple and practical workplace safety ideas that will reduce accidents in your organization.

1. Recognize the Possible Risks

You can only mitigate a risk if you’re aware of the potential incident or hazard. The job hazard analysis will determine the possible safety hazards in a job site or office. Consequently, you’ll be in a better place to plan on how to prevent the occurrence of these hazards.

It would be best to include employees in risk identification.

They can start by looking around the workspace for things that could threaten their safety. Is the poor lighting in the stairway a concern? The unfinished railings?

The listed risks will be a great guide on the steps to take. If you have ongoing projects, you can make the area out of bounds to reduce accidents.

2. Create an Easy Channel for Reporting Hazards and Incidents

You’d be surprised to know the number of unreported accidents in your organization! Most employees hardly report especially if the accidents are seemingly minor.

Besides, the process of reporting feels tedious, and workers aren’t sure if their employers would take the matter positively.

A worker must know the right channels of reporting workplace accidents. Employers should encourage workers to report an incident, however minor it appears. Reporting creates an opportunity for creating safer spaces and compensating for any sustained injuries.

Workers can report to supervisors for immediate action. You can have a suggestion box to allow employees to make reports anonymously. Whichever approach you choose, keep emphasizing the importance of reporting incidents or hazards as soon as they occur.

3. Provide Employee Training


Proper safety training courses for your employees is one of the best ways to mitigate workplace accidents. In fact, employee training is among the workplace safety ideas that can make any action sustainable. While some workplace safety measures might seem obvious, you need to confirm that your team understands all the concepts.

Routine employee training ensures that employees have everything engraved in their minds. It would also help to have safety drills and tests for employees preparedness. The training should be regular depending on your kind of business and the potential hazards.

It would help to understand the trends in your industry to know what to include in your training. The more comprehensive the training sessions are, the more it will be easier to increase the safety in your workplace.

4. Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Employers need to provide personal protective equipment based on the nature of their work. From small PPEs such as earplugs to large equipment like chemical suits, PPEs should be an indispensable part of any organization. Wearing the right PPE will protect you from injuries.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates employers to protect workers from common workplace hazards that cause illness or injury.

The provision of personal protective equipment is the responsibility of the employer. Workers should also receive training on how to use and care for these protective items.

Wearing personal protective equipment is among the workplace safety ideas that ensure workers are safe when executing daily tasks. While buying the right PPE for every employee might be costly, it’s a worthy investment that can save you significant losses.

5. Clean and Declutter the Workplace

Typically, workers spend about eight hours a day in the office. It would be crucial to make the experience worthwhile by having a clean office space. Other than increasing productivity, a clean workspace promotes health and safety.

A clean and decluttered office will ensure that employees are healthier. It will reduce unnecessary accidents. Start by ensuring that spills are cleaned as soon as they happen and stack boxes away.

Disorganized tools and tangled cords can be a hazard. Workers can stumble over such items leading to serious slips and falls. With daily or weekly cleaning schedules, you’ll decrease cases of workplace illnesses.

6. Use the Right Signs and Labels

One of the workplace safety tips that you need to consider include the use of labels and signs. Labels are an inexpensive and effective way to communicate critical information. They are brief and concise.

The labels can use pictures to illustrate potential hazards and the right procedures. Place the labels strategically to create warnings. You can have signs to show, ‘construction in progress,’ ‘slippery floor’, or even ‘high voltage.’

With the right warning and informational signs, accidents will reduce. More importantly, you’ll save yourself possible lawsuits as an employer.

7. Reward Employee Safe Behavior

People love encouragement when they are doing the right thing. Positive reinforcement is essential if you hope to have your workers on track. Public recognition or a congratulatory message can do wonders in reinforcing the behavior.

You might want to start rewarding your employees for upholding a safe workspace. You can gift them with gift vouchers for maintaining a clean work environment and having zero-accidents over previous months. With more motivation, workers will strive to have a healthier work environment.

Nonetheless, motivation shouldn’t be the only thing making the team practice workplace safety measures. Everyone should know that they stand to benefit individually by implementing recommended workplace safety ideas. As such, the reinforcement shouldn’t be anticipated.

The Best Workplace Safety Ideas Don’t Have to Be Costly

Having a safe workplace is non-negotiable. Safety in the workplace is not only a regulatory requirement; it’s a prerequisite for a business that hopes to grow. With a variety of workplace safety ideas, you can have a space that promotes productivity without infringing on employees’ safety.

Simple steps, such as having warning signs and training workers, can go a long way. If you’ve not embraced some of the typical workplace safety tips, you risk incurring significant losses on reduced productivity, possible lawsuits, or damaged reputation.

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