You’ll be forgiven if you picture a tech head the moment you hear the word ‘App’.

Do you picture yourself in that image? If you’re creatively oriented I doubt it.

Unfortunately it simply means you’re missing out on a lot the app world offers to the creative community of:

  • Painters
  • Writers
  • Musicians

Social media, websites and applications cater to almost every possible group of people. Tech heads probably find new features quicker because they’re online more.

I’m not trying to create stereotypes here. I’m simply stating facts.

I never knew about the many features I can benefit from. Now I want to share a few with my fellow creators.

  1. Fashion Apps

You’re a creative type if you often stand perplexed in front of your wardrobe. It feels you don’t have any clothes to wear.

In reality you’re simply looking for inspiration. You can’t wear the exact same outfit twice right?

Apps make it easy to find ideas and the clothes to make it reality. They’re available for all operating systems and interact with social media platforms.

Use keywords to search for a few ideas. Match different clothing pieces to brainstorm about new outfits.

Some apps identify clothing pieces when you like them on Instagram. The apps will even tell you which shops have what you want.

We know you’re online because you love interaction. Use your app’s community to guide you to the best stores. Enjoy discussing your new outfits when you’re done shopping. And yes the apps will keep you informed about sales.

  1. Gaming Apps

Yes there are games for creative people too.

Don’t get stuck watching your friends shoot or race each other. Be enthralled by games suited to your preferences.

As with other games these apps are built around central features:

  • Your interests
  • Your skills
  • How these skills can improve
  • Challenges and compensation

You can take up challenges of drawing tattoos or faces. You can even improve your artistic ability such as matching colors or trying to redraw intricate designs. These offer excellent practice for future architects.

Other games simply offer easy ways to be creative. What else can you do when you only have your Smartphone at your disposal instead of pen and paper?

Creative people are often in search of inspiration. App developers tap into this requirement too. You’ll find games that offer brilliant visuals and audio features. You usually have tasks to perform as well. Use these stimulating scenes when you’re faced with writer’s block or don’t know what to create next.

  1. Art Ogling

Are you in need of some inspiration for your next project? Perhaps even mentoring?

All of this is at your disposal without you leaving your house.

Art exploration apps allow artistic communities to share information. You can view sculptures and paintings other artists upload. Are you a fan of street art? There’s an app for you too!

If you’re not able to attend your favorite artist’s exhibition you may catch glimpses via apps.

Some apps simply offer pictures of general objects as it developed over centuries. I know some artists find that the practical, historical and aesthetics mix in your creations. These apps will offer you inspiration.

  1. History Apps

If you’re serious about your creative skills chances are you’ve attended a history class at some stage.

Knowing where famous art and artists come from inspire us to explore our talents. The knowledge also gives us ideas on how to apply our creativity. If a famous artist had the courage to try a new approach we can do it too.

Now all this information is accessible via creative apps.

You’ll be surprised at the range of facts available. Non creative people may find it boring. This is what you live for!

  1. Apps that Help You Create

Apps are supposed to offer solutions. If they don’t help you do things fast or easy there’s no reason to download them.

I know you’ll love the apps that help artists improve their crafts.

With modern technology app developers can put features of complicated software into one application.

You can carry your tools with you wherever you go. These applications are available for:

  • Musicians who want to practice tabs
  • Music producers who think of new melodies while walking
  • Painters who get inspired while their doodle pads are at home
  1. Celebrity Apps

Applications and social media are designed to help us connect with communities.

The good news is famous artists use these platforms to garner new interest in their products. Others use apps to get feedback for projects from their fans.

Yes you can interact with the artists who first inspired you.

Interaction is usually intermingled with unique and interesting information. It’s your creative magazine on your Smartphone.

  1. Note Apps

You know that pad you doodle on when you’re planning a new song or painting? Leave it at home from now on.

You can download apps to take notes in. These apps rival the value you get from that notebook.

You can’t carry all your colored writing tools wherever you go. Most of us need color when we create. With an app all possible colors and writing tools are at your disposal.

You can take notes, doodle, color in and highlight every thought that pops into your head.

Modern technology even simulates the texture and feeling of writing on paper. All of this is possible on your mobile device.

  1. Event Apps

Sooner or later you want to mingle with likeminded people right?

Event apps tell you about the latest art gatherings. Stay up to date or let the world know about your upcoming exhibition.

Some apps are area specific but you’re sure to find one focused on your hometown. Everyone is using apps these days so no event will go unnoticed.

Are you part of the app movement yet? You see how it can benefit your life no matter your talent. Give these apps a try. If you don’t find what you need why not start an app yourself. Technology makes it so easy! Start inspiring others!