It’s the day you’ve been painstakingly planning for a while now … your wedding day. You’ve been meticulous in tending to your all-important To-Do List items and matters – such as your flowers, your shoes, your dress, your bridesmaids and flower girl. Those answers came to you easily.

But there is one thing that has truly stumped you: What gifts do I give to my bridesmaids and flower girl?

Keep in mind that your female family members, future in-laws, and best gal pals are playing parts in one of the most important and personal days of your life. Why not personalize your gift to them?

That can be tough to do if you have a lot of bridesmaids in your wedding party. And buying one thing in bulk can be a cost-saving move. If that is your only option, perhaps you can personalize it by adding your bridesmaid’s initials or getting the items with each bridesmaid’s favorite color.

Do something to show each bridesmaid that you thought of herand appreciate her as an individual – even though she’ll probably be wearing the same style or color dress, and maybe the same hairstyle, as your other bridesmaids. Here are some other gift suggestions for your bridesmaid.

Wine or Dine Her. Buy a bottle of her favorite wine or favorite adult beverage.You can pair that nice beverage with a pair of attractive wine glasses – or a nice wine bottle opener, maybe. Or, you can get her gift certificates for her and a guest to have a meal at her favorite restaurant.

Pay for her glam session. Pick up the tab for her hair and make-up on your wedding day, or her hotel stay (if applicable). Having a pro take care of her hair and make-up takes a load off of her shoulders on the big day. It is also a way to add a little glitz and glam in her life (in a way that fits into your wedding style), and it makes her feel pampered. And, speaking of pampering …

Spa-style massages. Pay for her to get a relaxing massage. Nothing creepy here. I mean a massage, from a professional masseuse or masseur at a legitimate spa, given the night before or the morning before the wedding. Or, get her a spa gift certificate she can use later.

Coffee time. A popular bridesmaid gift these days are travel coffee cups … I mean the nice ones that can cost $30 to $50 each. Stainless steel Yeti mugs have been applauded by many bridesmaids who’ve shared what brides have given them. Some of these mugs are monogrammed or paired with expensive, fancy coffees. But do what your budget allows you to do. If your coffee-loving bridesmaids are truly your friends or family, they’ll know this came from your heart and they’ll appreciate your kind gesture.

Manicures and Pedicures. Paying for manis and pedis for either the wedding, or in the form of a gift certificate to be redeemed at a time most convenient for the bridesmaid can be a nice token of your appreciation.

Other good ideas: Framed photos of you with each bridesmaid (using photos taken in the past placed in different frames which match each bridesmaid’s personality), silk scarves, jewelry, and attractive tote bags.

None of these items should include any mention of these ladies being your bridesmaid. That also means no embroidery about you, your groom, your wedding date – anything to do with your wedding.

Yes bride, it is you and your groom’s day. But when you give a gift, remember that it’s not about you. It’s about the gift recipient.

Be careful. Not every woman drinks alcohol or coffee. Not every woman wants someone else to do her hair and make-up. And, not every woman wants someone to massage them or do their manicures and pedicures.

Even while keeping in mind the concept of personalizing your gift, finding something special for your flower girl should be a breeze. Depending on her age, jewelry usually a good idea. Consulting with your flower girl’s parents is also a good idea. If you are thinking about earrings, ask her mom, dad or guardian whether her ears are pierced. Does she have metal allergies? Is mom okay with her young daughter having jewelry? You see where I’m going here.

But if none of that is a problem, consider a cute bracelet, earrings, or a necklace. If she is a little jewelry fashionista who’s already used to wearing rings, get her a little ring.

Keep in mind that a child may not be ready for a very expensive piece of jewelry. But you can still get your flower girls an attractive-looking, quality piece of jewelry without spending a whole lot of cash. Inexpensive does not have to mean cheap, and quality doesn’t always have to cost you a ton of money.

Check out this adorable ringsold by In Season jewelry. It is well-constructed and very affordable.It’s a “Rhodium Plated Solitaire Vintage Oval Pink Little Diva Girl Ring.”In Season has affordable, quality jewelry for children and teens.

Another option – if it’s okay with your flower girl’s parents or guardian – is to treat her to a manicure or pedicure date with you sometime after the wedding. Or get a gift certificate so she can experience this pampering session with her mother, sister or other adult female in her life.

If your flower girl is not big on jewelry and manicures, see what her interests are. If she is a sports fan, buy her a T-shirt or jersey of her favorite team. If she plays tennis, buy her a new racket.

And, if nothing immediately comes to mind, get some ideas from your flower girl’s family members about things she likes.

If you are mindful of each bridesmaid’s likes and dislikes when making a gift choice, and personalize each gift as much as possible, they’ll love your gift … and they will be reminded of how much you appreciate them being part of your big day!