Around 83% of newlywed couples are planning at least one honeymoon this year, which shows how common it is for newlyweds. 

Planning the ultimate honeymoon is key to visiting your dream destination and creating memories that will last a lifetime. But, if you leave the planning to the last minute, you may frustrate your new spouse and end up having an unenjoyable time. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’re struggling with planning your honeymoon and are looking for advice.   

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are eight tips for planning your honeymoon getaway. 

1. Create a Honeymoon Wish List 

Before planning your dream trip, work with your partner to create a wish list.

Perhaps there are specific locations you’ve been desperate to visit, whether it’s a far-flung country or somewhere nearby. You should also discuss ideal activities and whether you have a goal in mind. For instance, you may both be foodies and want to try the top Michelin restaurants in a city or country. 

2. Start Planning Early 

Another tip for planning an exotic vacation is planning.

If you leave it last minute, you may not get the best room and end up spending a fortune on booking flights. A good rule of thumb is to book domestic flights four months in advance while giving yourself eight months for international flights. A pro tip is also booking transit in advance so that you’re not stuck at the airport when you land. 

You should also decide on the activities, especially if you’re visiting somewhere for that reason. For instance, you can’t visit Cappadocia in Turkey without booking a hot air balloon ride because that’s a must-do activity.

Further, don’t feel forced to travel right away. Planning the wedding is often enough for most newlyweds and, if you’re exhausted, give yourself time to recover from the excitement. 

3. Outline Your Budget  

Your choice of honeymoon destination will depend on your budget, so be honest about your finances. After spending a fortune on a wedding, you don’t want to fall into debt, simply because of your honeymoon.

If this sounds like you, consider planning a mini honeymoon. For instance, plan a weekend getaway where you can both unwind without worrying about breaking the bank. It also means you’ll have more time to save for a larger, more extravagant trip later. 

Or, swap a traditional wedding registry for a honeymoon gift lift. Instead of fancy kitchen appliances, ask guests to chip in for your honeymoon and ask them to pay whatever they want. And if there is a specific attraction or activity you’re interested in, don’t forget to add that to the list. 

Once you’ve got the figure, narrow your list and see which places stand out to both of you.

4. Choose a Destination 

Unless you’ve arranged a destination wedding, decide where to spend your honeymoon. 

Note, you should factor in the dates because you don’t want to visit during the off-season. Sure, it’ll be cheaper, but many restaurants will be closed and, if you’re visiting a tropical place, you don’t want to be trapped in a monsoon.  

Many newlyweds can’t decide and end up arranging a multi-destination honeymoon. If this is the case, schedule at least three days in each spot, so that you can soak up the culture. It will also prevent you from feeling burnt out or jet-lagged, which is a major no-no on your honeymoon.   

Once you’ve decided where to go, it’s time to pack. Make sure that you pack light by covering the basics like appropriate clothes, shoes, and medicines. Ideally, you should throw in clothes that you can wear on multiple occasions and save room for any souvenirs you’ll get along the way. 

You should also conduct a technology check. It’s important to have the right chargers for the country alongside your cellphones, earphones, and power bank so that you’re always connected. If you haven’t already, either contact your phone company about data deals or buy a local SIM card when you’re at the airport. 

5. Check Your Air Miles

When you’ve decided on the honeymoon location, check whether you have any air miles. This is essential if either of you travel frequently as you likely receive points. But don’t feel disappointed if it only covers one way or a hotel stay because that’s better than nothing. 

It should also encourage you to start collecting so that you’ll use the honeymoon points towards another vacation.  

6. Create an Itinerary You Both Love 

Don’t plan a trip only you’ll enjoy because it’s not fair to your new spouse.

Instead, plan an itinerary filled with activities that you’ll both love, even if you’re not stoked about visiting museums. A bonus of itineraries is that you maximize your time and you’ll uncover activities or attractions that you may have overlooked. 

But, don’t feel forced to do endless activities. You may simply want to lounge around a pool, enjoy a massage, and unwind together. Not only is this more affordable, but it will make your planning far less stressful. 

Also, make sure that you carve out time to do nothing. You may want a slow morning in bed or have an early night, so don’t overload your itinerary because you may resent it. 

Stumped for inspiration?

Then, check out YouTube and see what bloggers do in your dream destination. You’ll learn how to avoid tourist traps and enjoy activities that even the locals enjoy. Also, most vloggers will be honest about the destination and if there’s anything you should know, such as how to avoid the expensive areas. 

Or, if your budget allows, consider hiring a travel agent. The beauty is that you share the ideal activities along with your finances and these professionals will do the heavy lifting. Ideally, you should work with a travel agent local to the area, so that they know the top activities and attractions.  

Not sure where to find one? Then, ask your friends and family members for recommendations, especially if they’ve visited your dream honeymoon destination. 

You should also search for travel agents in the area and look at the top results. Make sure you spend time reading through reviews, both on their site and on Google, to learn more about the service. Don’t be afraid to reach out to past customers for their opinion and if they think that the travel agent is worth the investment.   

7. Reserve Accommodation 

Whether you’re browsing luxurious vacation villas or a city apartment, reserving accommodation is a must. You should also look out for honeymoon packages so that you can fully relax without worrying about booking flights, too.

With your partner, decide whether you’d want an Airbnb or, if you both love backpacking, try a hostel where you can meet like-minded people on your travels. This is the go-to option if you have a smaller budget, but don’t want to miss out on exotic destinations. 

But make sure that you don’t book a family resort; otherwise, your quiet time will quickly be disrupted. You should also research each potential room and find one that offers an excellent view, especially if you’re staying on the coast. 

You should also ask the hotel to help you plan a surprise for your new spouse. It could be planning a romantic boat trip at sunset or dining on the beach, either way, it’s a great way to personalize the trip even more.  

8. Buy Travel Insurance 

Many honeymooners overlook travel insurance, which can result in a disaster. Regardless of where you’re visiting, travel insurance is key to keeping you both and your valuables safe. Most insurance providers will also reimburse you if there’s been a cancellation or an issue has occurred.

Knowing where to conduct your search is stressful, so start with a comparison site. This lets you add in your needs and compare multiple companies with zero stress. Once you’ve got several possibilities, check out each of their sites to determine whether they offer the relevant package. 

Further, give yourself plenty of time to arrange vacations. Although this isn’t always necessary, you should both enter the country knowing that you’re protected from diseases. In fact, countries may require proof of vaccination, such as the Bahamas, wanting to see proof of COVID-19 inoculation.  

Plan Your Honeymoon Getaway Today 

Hopefully, you’re now ready to plan your honeymoon getaway.

There are many tips to guide you through the planning process, such as giving yourself plenty of time to plan and not overdoing your itinerary. You should also compromise on what to do and book accommodation in advance to avoid any disappointment. Happy travels!  

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