The new year calls for modifications to be made on your bucket list. Perhaps one of the things at the very top of that list is to travel. Frankly, why would it not be? Recent studies indicate a drastic rise in the number of tourists in almost every country around the world. Call it the aftermath of globalization, or simply a knack for adventure – traveling has become a top priority.

Travel vloggers and bloggers can make it seem like a piece of cake. In all honesty, there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes besides simply packing your bags and leaving. One of the things you need to vary about when visiting another destination is picking out a rental car or a car hire service.

This too can seem like a deceptively simple task to do. All you have to do is fill out a form, pay a deposit and go from point A to B, right? Wrong. What transpires behind the scenes is a list of hidden costs, added expenditures, and so much more than the person was unaware of. However, seemingly agreed upon in that one form.

You might want to hire a car for the entire duration of your trip, or you might just need car hire till the gold coast airport – make hiring car rentals easy with these simple tips!

Choosing The Right Car:

When you were planning for your trip to a foreign country, you probably thought that hiring a car for the entire duration of that trip would be in your best interest. Well, you are not wrong. However, what is important that you go to a rental company after having done your homework on the matter. 

For example, the very first thing that you need to consider is the sort of car that you would be renting. Think carefully about this by assessing the number of passengers you want to fit into your car. Also bear in mind their ages and tendencies to whine – think about the kids!

If in case you are traveling with children or with a lot of gear, your best bet would be hiring a large sedan or an SUV. Then again, if your goal here is primarily to save money, then you could go for the smallest available model.

There are several other factors to consider besides size as well. You might be interested in automatic or manual drives, hybrid or nonhybrid vehicles, and so forth. Furthermore, some companies offer extra services such as GPS monitoring which would be of the essence to a tourist.

Make Sure To Look Around:

Renting a car used to involve having to go down to an office and, while in some cases it still does, there are now other means of doing so. You will find major international car services across the globe with multiple franchises. Also, you can always find locally owned companies as well. The cost difference between one company and the other is often stark enough to warrant careful consideration.

Hence, when choosing the right rental company for your needs, be sure to look around. It is pretty easy to get lost amid the daze of a shiny new car. While you are lost, the seller can work his magic around your wallet, and you might have to pay a heftier sum than intended. 

Make sure you check major booking engines and aggregator sites before concluding. Some of whom even offer discounts on rides.

Pay Via Credit Card:

This is a pretty helpful tip that comes with renting a car, albeit an unknown or underestimated one. With using a debit card, an authorization amount would undoubtedly be charged. Added to this is a substantial additional incremental hold. 

Many rental car companies would often prefer being paid via credit card as well. It allows them to check your credit score and in virtue of your reliability as well. Paying via a credit card can go in your best interest if you plan on making a simple and clean trade without too much hassle.

Keep The Number Of Drivers Low:

Most, if not all, tourists who wish to rent a car for their trip are traveling in larger groups. Be it with family or friends, always try to keep the number of drivers to a minimum. Car rental companies have packages that include each additional driver.

You would undoubtedly have to pay an additional incremental fee per day for each of the added drivers on the forms even if they do not end up driving. Even though some companies might waive fees for corporate rentals or spouses, it would be in your best interest to double-check.

Return The Car With A Full Tank:

Here’s the thing: rental companies are often much more agonizing than they can be refreshing. There are several added costs and hidden incentives written in the fine print that you were not aware of. For example, if you return the car with an empty tank of gas, they end up charging you twice or thrice the price to fill it up themselves. 

Is it unethical, yes! However, this is one of the many things that you have unknowingly signed off on. Even if they do not charge you extra, they will charge you nonetheless. It would be in your best interest to return the car just the way you got it. 

Have Your On Add-Ons:

When you walk into a rental car company, you will be met with several deals going left right and center. Sellers would be trying to get you to add additional extras onto your package in the guise of a better price. Do not be fooled.

Each of these extras is bound to come with an extra fee. This extra fee is bound to be charged per day and not peruse. For example, you are not charged for each time you use the E-tag policy. However, the final billing will show that you were charged per day.


In conclusion, renting a car is not as simple as many people have made it out to be. Car rental companies often guise several costs as extras or benefits. It comes under the buyer’s due diligence to get them all sorted out.

With these helpful tips, you are bound to go through your trip with a breeze and not worry about any added expenses. Your travels need to be as enjoyable as possible and not limiting your trip with having to worry about what lies in wait during billing.

Safe travels and make sure you watch out to have the most enjoyable trip possible!