Three in ten American adults own one gun or more. That is 30% of the population! 

There are many different reasons that you may own or want a gun.

Depending on the purpose and reason you are looking for one, you need to know which guns are best. 

Scroll down to learn about all of the different types of guns. Along with helpful safety tips for when you handle a gun.

1. Rifles

Have you ever seen the unique guns in old western movies? More than likely, these guns were rifles.

There are various types of rifles that you can purchase depending on your purpose. Bolt action rifles are one of the most popular firearms because it is easy to use and produces a clean shot. Although these guns may not fire as quickly, they have precision.

Lever action rifles are similar, but require you to clear the chamber by moving a level. Semi-automatic rifles are convenient because they don’t require you to load a bullet every shot. Although you cannot shoot multiple shots at once, you don’t have to be constantly reloading. 

Rifles use magazines to hold the extra bullets to make reloading much easier. 

2. Shotguns

If you are looking for a gun with a long barrel, the shotgun is an excellent choice.

This type of gun is often used for hunting small game and ducks. Many people also use it for self-defense, however, it is not the most practical defense choice. 

Shotguns are unlike other types of guns because the bullets are made of small pellets. This makes it easier to hunt small game because the pellets give you more range and give more than a single shot. 

There are many different types of shotguns. Some are single shot, pump, or even semi-automatic. 

3. Handguns

Handguns make up 34% of all guns that people own. 

They are popular for self-defense and many people carry handguns if they have their concealed weapons license. These guns are small and convenient.

These types of guns are popular among police and military forces. They are easy to reload and have a magazine that makes producing multiple shots easier. They also are fairly easy to build yourself with an 80 glock kit.

Handguns are great guns for practice. Going to a safe gun range can give you the chance to try out some of the different types of handguns. 

4. Revolvers

If you are looking for a classic gun that can handle multiple shots, the revolver is your best choice.

Modern revolvers are considered semi-automatic because they hold multiple bullets in the chamber. These guns are good for self-protection and practice shooting.

Revolvers were popular among the cowboys on TV in old westerns and have a unique look that you can add to your collection. They typically have a long barrel for the size of the gun and pulling the trigger advances the revolving chamber. 

5. Muzzleloaders

Muzzleloaders are a unique gun that is typically used by hunters.

This gun uses black powder and needs to be reloaded through the barrel after each shot. They take longer to produce a shot but it is a precise shot. 

If your hobby is collecting guns and artifacts, muzzleloaders are an interesting choice to consider. They have been around for a long time and can even be found in many museums. 

Muzzleloading is also popular for practice shooting and historical reenactments. Even the boy scouts practice muzzleloading!  

6. Musket

A musket gun is most similar to a muzzleloader. 

Muskets have been around for a long time and are also considered historical artifacts. They were made to help penetrate through thick armor that was being produced in the 1500s. 

Around the mid- 16th century, musket guns began losing popularity. Newer and stronger guns were being produced and made muskets a thing of the past. 

They are still used today in a variety of historical reenactments and can be found in museums. These guns are often bought by collectors and not used for hunting or self-defense

Safety Tips for All of Your Different Types of Guns

Whenever you or someone is handling a gun, you must always be sure to be mindful of your surroundings. 

This will help keep yourself and everyone safe. Even though there are many different types of guns, many of them have common features to help keep you safe.

If you are not actively shooting your gun, you should have the safety lock on to prevent the gun from firing. Never point the gun’s barrel in the direction of others and always keep it directed towards the ground (or another safe zone). 

Never pull a trigger or look down the barrel when handling guns. Even if someone says that the gun is unloaded, you should always handle it like they are. This can help prevent accidents.

Taking your time finding the right gun is recommended. Avoid purchasing one that you feel uncomfortable handling.  

Although there are many safety concerns with guns, many people still enjoy collecting them as a hobby.  

Know Your Shot 

Learning the different types of guns can be helpful if you use them while hunting and protecting your home

When buying a gun, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Fully understanding how to operate your gun can help prevent accidents from happening and keep everyone safe. Even if you don’t shoot your gun, you can still participate in fun historical reenactments! 

It is important to take all safety precautions when handling guns. For example, never leave them out in the open and always keep the safety on.

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