Blackjack is arguably the world’s most well-known casino game, joining the likes of roulette and poker as being counted among the true classic table and card games. And yet, it’s somewhat misleading to talk about blackjack as a specific type of game, when it is, in fact, a broader genre of casino games. 

Consider, for instance, that you took a trip to Las Vegas and headed to the plush and beautifully-designed main floor of the Bellagio to play blackjack; there, you would be playing Blackjack with Vegas Strip rules. If instead, you were to head to Atlantic City and play at the Borgata, you would be playing with AC rules. As such, the two games are different, albeit technically. 

But online, the difference is much starker. There is, in effect, unlimited space on a website, so there is ‘room’ for countless variations of blackjack, and some of the games have very different rules from the classic versions. Something like 21 Duel Blackjack online from SlotsHeaven, for instance, has lots of different gameplay features that are not available in the physical casinos. Below we will have a look at it, as well as several other variants, to show the main differences, advantages and disadvantages: 

21 Duel Blackjack

The best way to look at 21 Duel Blackjack is as a hybrid of blackjack ad Texas hold’em poker. Players and the dealer choose from their own cards and communal cards, aiming to get as close to 21 as possible. The game features a potentially lucrative poker-themed side bet called 2 UP, where you aim to make a pair or three-of-a-kind from your hand and the communal cards. 

Blackjack Surrender 

A game that should arguably be only played by professionals due to its risky strategy, Blackjack Surrender offers you the chance to fold halfway through the game. This cost half your stake. That might not sound so appealing, but skilled players weigh up the penalty against the overall chances of winning. 

Quantum Blackjack 

An exciting blackjack variant that was released for the live dealer market by Playtech. The game plays like standard blackjack with one major exception, the “quantum” part. RNG software is used to select three cards at random, which, if you match one or more, will multiply the value of your winning hand. It’s possible to get a win ‘quantumed’ by x1000. This is obviously a big attraction for those who aim for big prizes, but there are smaller wins in the main blackjack game. 

Perfect Blackjack 

This game is very similar to classic blackjack, except for the intriguing side bet game. In a nutshell, you can bet on your hand of two cards making a pair. The payout for a pair (red/black) is 5:1, 10:1 for a pair of the same colour, and 30:1 for a perfect pair, i.e. a pair of the same value and same suit. Everything else is much the same as the blackjack you would find in a Vegas casino. 

Cashback Blackjack 

If you can imagine the creators of television show Deal or No Deal designing a blackjack game, this could be it. Cashback Blackjack features standard play, as well as some of the side bets mentioned above. However, there is also a running offer of cash back based on the likelihood of your hand’s success. The conundrum for players, therefore, is whether to take the money offered or continue playing towards the end. A really intriguing game that challenges your skills of deduction and probability.