Most people are ready to put the last two years behind them. To say they were challenging is an understatement. Many small businesses had no alternative but to close their doors. Other businesses had to let hard-working employees go or at the very least, reduce their hours. The good news is that there are some benefits to take away and utilize from recent events. One is the possibility of self-employment, working from home. If this is something that now holds your interest, listed below are a few pros to self-employment.

End the Lengthy Commute

Gas prices are soaring and a long commute can put a strain on an already tight budget. Working for you from the comfort of home ends the need for travel. Instantly you can save several hundred each month. In addition, you’ll also put less wear and tear on your vehicle and require infrequent maintenance. 

Limit the Need for Work Attire

When you work from home you can literally work in your PJs. You won’t need to constantly revamp your wardrobe which depending on the office policy can save you thousands in just one year. You also won’t need to put on high heels and dress shoes making the work environment more comfortable. 

Start Up for Less

Having a business of your own is a dream you can now turn into a reality and for little money. There’s a high demand for writers, designers, computer programmers, teachers and tutors. To get started you need a computer, a desk, a comfortable chair and basic office supplies. If you’re short on cash you may ask yourself where can I find starter loans near me? Thankfully, there are lenders other than a conventional bank that are willing to provide a small loan that you can pay back in affordable monthly installments. 


One of the best benefits of working from home is the flexibility it provides. Since you are the boss, you can make time for special events and daily life. Unlike in a typical office where you work 9 to 5, you set a schedule that benefits you. You also don’t have to miss birthday parties or anniversaries and you can take your vacation whenever you like. 

You Own It

As a sole proprietor you make all the decisions for your business. That means if you don’t want to take on a project, you don’t. There’s also no salary cap so you can make as much as you want. It makes you passionate about the work you do since your name is on it. You report to no one but yourself. You can set short and long-term goals and work to achieve them. 


Working from home opens the door to a better quality of life. You have the freedom to put in a double shift and then take a few days off to spend with loved ones. You can schedule a doctor’s appointment mid-day during the week instead of fitting it in on your time off. If you want to expand the business, the skys the limit. You have no one to answer to. 

Spend More Time With the Family

When you work for a company you have a set schedule. Unfortunately, often, people miss out on precious time with their family. They come home drained and stressed. Dinner is put together quickly or you order takeout. You rush each morning to dress and feed children before offering a quick goodbye as they race out the door to catch the bus. Working from home gives you time with your loved ones. You can make breakfast and engage with your children before driving them to school and then pick them up at the end of their school day. 

Self-employment is growing in America. There are many good reasons to make the switch. However, before you hand in your resignation, weigh the pros and cons carefully.