Are you new to handling a firearm, or would you like to teach someone the proper way to do so? Are you worried that you may be doing something wrong or ignorant of proper gun safety procedures?

While there is a bit of etiquette to follow when operating firearms, there are some universal dos and don’ts. Certain gun handling skills may vary from retailer to retailer. There are also rights and wrongs we must all follow to keep each other and ourselves safe.

Read below for our quick guide to proper firearm safety.

Treat Every Firearm as if It’s Loaded

Treating every firearm as if it’s loaded is the number one rule of firearm safety tips. This means never handling or pointing a gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot, no matter whether you know it is loaded or not.

It is always recommended to transport your firearm unloaded and in a secure container, as well as store your firearm in a secure and safe place. If your gun has an external safety, make sure to turn it on. You should also know how to safely open and close the action, paying attention to the direction of the tip at all times.

Additionally, always wear eye and ear protection when shooting. Following these few simple rules will help ensure your firearm is used in the safest manner possible.

Keep the Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction

Firearm safety is incredibly important while using a gun. One of the most important tenants of firearm safety is to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. This means avoiding any persons, pets, or property that could be damaged should the firearm fire.

It is important to understand the bullet’s trajectory and the consequences of where it could potentially end up. Always be mindful of where the barrel is pointed and keep it pointed in an area where it could never harm anyone, even if the gun were to misfire or be loaded accidentally.

Be aware of the bullet’s trajectory and take note of the ricochet angles before you begin shooting. To prevent a wrong shooting, consider equipping your gun with AR scope mounts.

Use the Appropriate Ammunition

When using a firearm, it is important to use the appropriate ammunition for the specific gun you are using. Inappropriate ammunition can result in injury or property damage due to incorrect firing pressure and could potentially fail to fire if the ammunition is not compatible with the firearm.

Additionally, when using a firearm, always double-check to make sure the magazine is cleared of any live ammunition before using it for target practice. If unsure of what kind of ammunition to use, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a qualified gunsmith.

Store ammunition separately in its original container and place it away from children. Never mix different types of ammunition or ammunition of different calibers in one gun during the shooting.

Proper Firearm Safety You Should Know

Firearm safety education is essential. Knowing the rules and following them gives us the power to be responsible and safe gun owners.

Remember, treat all firearms as if they are loaded, and use other safety practices to help ensure that no one gets hurt. Do your part to spread awareness and educate yourself on a strong foundation of firearm safety. Be safe and stay alert!

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