Everyone is looking for a long-term relationship nowadays. What about the opposite situation? People in serious relationships are happily and stubbornly searching for an affair. Yes, this happens as well. You would be surprised to know that almost the same number of people are looking for it, as those struggling with finding their life partners. 

Now, if this problem is quite urgent, let’s try to figure out where you can find this affair, what the pros and cons of such a decision are, and what to expect from it. Affair dating is like a forbidden fruit — very sweet and desirable, but it has its consequences. Let’s see what they are, exactly.

How to find someone for an affair?

First, let’s understand why you may want to have an affair at all. People do it for different reasons, everyone has his or her motives for that. The most popular of them remain the following:

  • You are not happy in marriage;
  • You are happy in marriage but lack communication;
  • Your partner underestimates you or humiliates your achievements;
  • You agreed about free marriage or relationship;
  • You and your partner do not have sexual harmony.

These are the most widespread things that make people look for different affairs while being married or engaged. Although there are different cases and each of them, of course, may be very individual. If you are looking for an affair, here are the most popular ways to find it.

1. At work

Affairs passionately arising among colleagues are very frequent. Your partner may not understand your work, why you have extra hours, and what your pressure is. In both big and small companies, there are beautiful men and women you may like. Normally, passion arises after different corporate parties. 

2. In the company of your friends

It’s not a secret that friendship between males and females is impossible. Well, it is possible until a certain moment when you realize your “friend” wants you. If you meet your friends quite often, you constantly meet new people — the friends of your friends. In such companies, you can often find an affair that may grow into something pleasant.

3. Public places

Various public places are perfect for meeting someone for a great affair. Especially, when you have common interests. It may happen anywhere — in the gym, yoga class, cafe, restaurant, concert, exhibition, etc. When having common topics to discuss, it is really easy to start a conversation that would grow into affection and then, in affair dating. 

4. Affair dating sites

Yes, for your convenience, such places have been created to facilitate the search for an affair for you. Everyone who wants to find an affair while being married or engaged, or just have an open chat, can join and try his luck here. Such portals are quite confidential and do not require much information about you. This is one of the most probable ways to find someone for an adventure in your marriage. 

Each of these ways has its perks and shortcomings. Let’s see whether affair dating is right for you or you’d better stay away from it!

Should you really look for an affair?

Dating someone else while being in a relationship is solely your decision and you cannot transmit responsibility for it to someone else. Even if you say “she seduced me”, we all understand it would never happen if you didn’t want it. Therefore, only you bear responsibility for these affairs and you should realize there are different consequences of affair dating. 

Broken marriage

Unless you both agreed to have an open marriage, your partner will hardly be happy to learn about your affair. Before being involved in affair dating, you should realize that sooner or later, your spouse or fiance may learn about it. In the worst case, your marriage or relationship will be over. The script will stop trustworthy relationships between you. There will always be a trust issue in your marriage and you will hardly be happy living in proving something or dispelling your spouse’s suspicions. 


One of the worst scenarios of having affairs is when you are blackmailed by your partner in crime. Does it sound like a movie plot? Well, not really. Very often, people start threatening to tell everything your spouse if you stop a relationship with them and you must do it yourself eventually. Some do that for the sake of money and threaten to show video recordings of your hot dates to your better half. This sounds scary but this is often the reality. Being torn between meeting the requirements of an unhealthy person you do not even love and not being revealed by your spouse is not the most pleasant thing. 

Handling jealous partners

Not only you may have a spouse or a fiance but the person you have an affair with might have a partner, too. Are you sure this person does not have mental issues or is emotionally stable if he or she learns about being cheated? You may never be sure of that! Be careful, crimes on the bases of jealousy are one of the most frequent ones. 


Finding someone for affair dating is not difficult at all. This could be a great adventure in your life full of passion and sharp emotions. However, don’t forget about the consequences. Are you ready for them for the sake of instant pleasure?  Sometimes, it is better to build a true long-lasting relationship, for instance, on SofiaDate where all women are 100% single, and do not have any shortcomings such as jealous partners or ready-to-harm-you husbands.  Think about what you want more — a loving and devoted relationship or fleeting affair dating with a range of risks and consequences.