How wonderful it is to feel yourself in a comfortable and cosy apartment. And only the presence of furniture gives such a feeling. It perfectly decorates the apartment. It has been believed that correctly selected furniture not only decorates the interior but is also able to bring good luck and happiness to the house. Especially if it is made from natural materials. Now this opinion has not lost its force. Furniture has a lot of useful functions in any room, whether it’s an office or residential apartment. On the different online platforms, you can buy frameless furniture from well-known Australian designers at an affordable price, or you can also count on king living Malaysia

Furniture made from natural wood is the most durable, environmentally friendly and comfortable. Such furniture fits perfectly both in the nursery and in the room of adults. And if used correctly, it can last for many years. Such furniture is quite expensive. If your budget allows you to afford quality furniture, then you will not regret your decision.

Furniture production is constantly changing. Designers come up with new options, tricks and materials. And furniture stores are full of a wide selection. Despite this, the choice should be approached thoroughly. 

Welcome to a world without sharp corners, hard surfaces and rigid frames. Australian furniture is famous all over the world for its comfortable and stylish frameless designs.

The relaxation that brings pleasure to the whole family

The model range of king living Malaysia includes incredibly soft sofas, universal bean bag tables and street bean bags made of waterproof fabric, wide lounge chairs, chaise lounges, multifunctional and decorative pillows of various colours, sizes and variations. In addition, you can purchase high-quality loungers for your friends as well. 

Design that inspires

Advantages of Australian frameless furnished furniture:

  • Beautifully, efficiently and conveniently designed. 
  • The ability to instantly and accurately take the shape of your body.
  • A wide range of colors and materials.
  • Universality, practicality, and removable covers that can be washed without any issue.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty for any item.

What makes Australian furniture so exceptional?

  • Frameless technology
  • A unique system of internal elasticity
  • Use of high-quality wood
  • Premium segment fabrics
  • Designer uniform
  • Shape memory material

Most of the Australian furniture companies produce frameless Upholstered garden furniture. They also create unique models that no one can deny its beauty. 

A home interior is not just a living space, and it is also a personal space that reflects the individuality and character of its owners. If you want to create a truly extraordinary interior that demonstrates your exceptional taste and high status at home, Australian designed furniture will be the ideal solution. 

What distinguishes other furniture with Australian design furniture?

Australian factories have earned an impeccable reputation throughout the world. The manufacturers produce not only high-quality products but also stylish, sophisticated and creative furniture. For many years, Australian products have been used to design refined aristocratic interiors. Today, Australian designed furniture is easy to distinguish. Thanks to its special colour and recognizable features.

Australian furniture is made from selected materials, such as high-quality wood, fine metal alloys, natural leather, textiles and Murano glass. For the decoration of the products, unique handy techniques, inlay, gilding and carving are performed. All this creates a special charm and elegance of designer furnishings.

Australian designers are usually known as the king of interior fashion. The important advantage of designer products is their relevance. Australian designed furniture reflects the most interesting and stylish trends in modern interior fashion.

Who would like the Australian interior designer?

The most bright and confident people with excellent esthetic taste usually choose Australian interior designers to create not only comfortable and functional but also a unique and artistic home space. Creative Furniture is an attribute of respectability, emphasizing the high style of the home interior and the originality of its owners. 

Quality standards

Stylish and creative Australian home furniture presented in several salons is a unique product that was created to differ from standard interior solutions, including in terms of quality. Several online stores offer to buy exceptional Australian products at the most favourable conditions. Stylish designer furniture in Australia can become an adornment of your home! Australian factories carry out strict quality control of all their products, ensuring the excellence of the product in every detail. 

Here are a few main features of Australian furniture:

  • Creating designer products requires unique materials. Factories carefully select raw materials for their products, preferring exclusive materials of the elite segment with good strength.
  • All raw material used in production is environmentally friendly for human health.
  • Strength and durability. Despite its main feature – uniqueness and conceptuality, designer furniture has high-performance characteristics that it will serve you for many years without losing its attractiveness. 
  • Unique design concepts. Creative furniture from Australian brands reflects the incredible talent and experience of the world’s best designers. 

What is Solid Veneer furniture?

Solid veneer furniture is a prestigious, durable, and stylish furniture, which is made of fine wood. Such furniture will reliably serve more than one generation. In the manufacture of furniture from solid wood and veneer, glass, mirrors, plastic and other materials are used. Solid wood and Australian veneer furniture are ideal for creating a luxurious and comfortable interior. The unique pattern of the texture of natural wood, created by nature itself, is favourably emphasized when processing with varnish. 

Australian companies offer a wide range of quality furniture, including living room furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture, children’s furniture and hallway furniture. It is Australian designed furniture which sets the tone for the entire dwelling, gives its mood and style. The use of modern technologies in the manufacture of furniture allows you to constantly expand the range of products for various functional purposes at an affordable price. You can easily choose the best option for yourself. Australian designed furniture is comfortable and reliable, which will be a worthy addition to the most sophisticated interior.


If you are moving to another home, you probably have a thousand things you’re worrying about. One of them must be buying new well-designed furniture. You may have some of your old furniture from your place where you lived, but most probably they won’t fit exactly with your new home. It may look just fine, but you want it to look remarkable and greeting at the same time. You don’t want to make any compromise about your living style, and you want everything to be looked amazing. Don’t worry, and there are many online furniture stores where you can get Australian products that can help you with everything you want. Traditionally speaking, Australian furniture designs are on a global scale and the most demanding one at the same time.