The world of applications is constantly expanding and enhancing. These days, you can find massive variety in applications. Even then there are so many people who are always cribbing about not having enough entertainment in life. 

Do you think that you are one of such individuals? The point is in the contemporary age, you can easily get all the videos and movies that are wonderful and enjoyable. You can easily experience the best time once you have the right apps in your mobile. Following are a few, premium yet free of cost video downloading and streaming apps that get you a wonderful time.


It is one of the foremost apps that you should not miss out. The app is free video downloading app and gets you all the content that you might look for. Whether videos, movies, clips or anything else; you can find it all. The platform is associated with so many popular video and networking platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Dailymotion, Metacafe and so on. In this way, you can get all the content of these platforms by searching on Vidmate search bar. Also, you get all the content in the formats and resolutions that you require.

Media Tap

It is a great application for downloading videos. Media Tap is believed to be one of the most refined downloading platforms for Android. As the name reveals it all, you can download any sort of media file. You can download even any sort of photo, document, mp3 or video document using media tap.  In this way the app gets you the access to all the content and enables you to download the ones you desire for. The app is good for everyone and makes it easy for you to have a fulfilled experience.


AVD is an app that stands for Android video Downloader is a good application that has an extensively easy to use interface. The application allows you to download any sort of videos from different types of websites or platforms. You can easily watch and download any type of flash videos in the absence of any hassle. The video application would cost nothing and you can swiftly browse videos and download them inside the application. It is true that the application does not permit the users to download the videos from YouTube but again, all other video platforms can get accessed through this app like a breeze. The speed of this app is also good and does not pose any issues for the users.the app has good features, navigation is easy  and whether novice or pro users; everyone can have a good time using this app


So, once you have all these apps in mind, you should check them out too. You can download these apps for free from 9apps. This third-party play store gets you all the apps readily and without any safety concerns. The apps await you for a wonderful experience.  Whether old or new, you would get all the videos and movies on your mobile phone or android device instantly and without spending any money.