The saying goes that the best way to find accounting and finance jobs, or any other jobs, is to know someone.  Even the top staffing agencies that charge top dollar for their services are no substitute for good old-fashioned word of mouth.  Fortunately for job seekers, Beacon Resources is local and community based.  It is the next best thing to having a mutual friend or former co-worker refer you to a job.

Beacon Resources Will Not Treat You Like a Number

As with other recruitment agencies, your first point of contact with Beacon Resources is when you send your resume.  When other agencies get your resume, they use algorithms to match you will job openings that might be appropriate for you.  Beacon, however, does not entertain the illusion that your resume alone is enough to let us know which job is best for you.  Employers do not hire simply based on qualifications; the employee’s personality and individual goals are also important in choosing among candidates who seem similar on paper.  Therefore, you will have at least one face-to-face meeting with Beacon staff before they determine which employers to approach.

Thinking Locally in a Global Marketplace

Employers who advertise job openings online get thousands of resumes, some of them from other states and even other countries.  Beacon, however, deals with employers who are focused about the job search.  All of the prospective employers and employees who deal with Beacon are local to the Northern California or Southern California job markets.  This way, employers know that they will not have to deal with having employees relocate.

Once you approach Beacon Resources, your job search has already been narrowed down.  Beacon will not recommend you for jobs that are “long shots.”  You should treat your interactions with Beacon as a preliminary interview for a real job.