Last summer I had quite an interesting challenge as my eldest son and I spent week after week trying to find the best audio engineering school in Hollywood, not something which you do every day. Our process of finding the best college for my son was made a great deal easier by a neighbor of ours who worked within the audio engineering industry. After a few weeks of not really knowing what we were looking for, our neighbor stepped in to give us some tips on the kind of thing that we should be focussing on during our search. After much time spent, we finally found the perfect school for my son and he is very happy there.

If you are on the look out of the best audio engineering college, here are the tips that our neighbor shared with us, hopefully they can help you out.

Style of Teaching

The teaching style of the college which you choose is really important in order rot get the very best education. Some colleges in the audio engineering field will center their courses around theory and learning form textbooks but my neighbor reliably informed me that in fact this is not the best way to learn such a skill. Instead you should be on the lookout for colleges who focus on the practical, hands-on style of teaching.

Quality of Equipment

The quality of equipment which the school can offer is also very important in terms of getting the best education. Technology in the field of sound has moved forward at a breathtaking rate and this has left some colleges unable to keep up. With this in mind however, it is important to realize that once you begin working in studios, you are going to need to navigate around some of the most cutting edge equipment out there and you will need to have prior experience of this.

Work Experience

Work experience forms a very important part of your studies and you should always look for colleges who include this aspect within their syllabus. Not every college will give students the opportunity of work experience and you should make sure that you ask in advance.

Working After College

The key for all students is not only to gain knowledge, but also find themselves a job after college where they can put that knowledge into practice. As with most industries, companies have their favorite colleges which they will look to when in need of new recruits and choosing a college which has industry contacts is a very smart and shrewd move.


Cost is of course always a critical factor and the prices of these kind of courses can vary a great deal. The idea is not to look solely at the cost of the college course, but what you will get for your money, once you have found the college that meets your requirements, focus your attention on the cost of the course.