A great team is about the sum of its parts, not individuals and from a business point of view, it is vital that you never forget the capabilities within your team, be it large or small. Another important aspect of business, critical in fact, is your ability to innovate and move forward. Without innovation, businesses will be left behind and you only need to look at the examples of Blockbuster and Toys R’Us, to see exactly what can happen to businesses, regardless of their scale, if they do not innovate.

To tie these two points together then, it is absolutely vital that a business not only innovates, but ensures that they are doing all that they can to encourage innovation from within the business. A great way of doing this is through the use of smart and sophisticated crowdsourcing software, and here is how it can greatly help your business.

Finding Ideas

Just because you are the owner and perhaps have a board of directors or a collection of managers and leaders, does not mean that you will always find the ideas that you are looking for. With this in mind then, businesses can use crowdsourcing software to manage innovation from all members of the business. This means that you can open up the floor to search for solutions to a particular problem and you may find that the answer comes from a place that you perhaps didn’t expect.

Boosting Confidence

If your employees know that the business is listening to them and that there is a portal where they can share their innovative thoughts and ideas, they can really find confidence from this. Staff morale is critical and it is important that you boost it, through giving them the chance to be completely involved in the business.

Management of Ideas

The beauty of this kind of software is that it features a huge range of tools which allow you to manage an idea from its inception, to its completion. Not only can you find a forum where you can ask for ideas, you can use project management tools such as conferencing, chatting in real time, adding graphs and supporting information about an idea, as well as being able to get all invested parties together, regardless of where they may be, and track their progress.

Problem Solving

Through the us of this software you will not only be able to harness new ideas within the company but you can also ask for solutions to problems which you may have. Let’s say for example that the business is spending too much money on manufacturing, you can add detailed information about spending, and put it out to your team that you are looking for a solution. Your team can then use the software to fire out ideas, share documents and graphs about better practices and find a portal where all of the ideas can come together in the hope of getting you a solution to your problems.